Adviser to trump declared “subversive activities” of Russia in Europe

Advisor to the President for national security Herbert Raymond McMaster believes that the Russian party must conduct a “tough discussion,” including support for “terrible regime” of Bashar al-Assad and “Subversion” that Moscow is in Europe. He stated this in an interview with ABC News.

“Russia supports the bloody regime of Syria, which has brought suffering to a huge number of people and provoked the crisis, which spread to Iraq, neighboring countries, Europe and so on,” explained McMaster.

“I think the time has come to conduct serious discussions with Russia. And nobody will handle it better than our Secretary of state [Rex Tillerson]”, — said the adviser to Donald trump. Tillerson’s visit to Moscow he called a “very timely”.

At the same time, McMaster said that now, when relations between Moscow and Washington are at the “lowest point” move “upwards only”.

People trump: who influences the decisions of the President of the United States

Earlier that relations between the US and Russia are at the lowest point, said Tillerson. “The two leading nuclear powers, should not have such relations,” he said during a meeting with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. The head of state arrived for his first visit to Moscow on 11 April, less than a week after the U.S. launched a missile attack on the airbase from government forces in the Syrian province of HOMS.

As said the source familiar with the negotiations, the U.S. side emphasized that Russia must “make a choice in Syria”, the Russian negotiators talked about the need for a detailed investigation of the chemical incident in Khan Sheyhun.

Than has ended talks with Putin and Lavrov with U.S. Secretary of state

On the eve of the publication Politico, citing White house spokesman announced that US President Donald trump watched the press conference Tillerson and Lavrov live and was very pleased. According to the newspaper, after the press conference, trump called Tillerson to tell him what he had done “a wonderful job” and “radiated confidence”.