One of the largest associations of political consultants replaced the President

On Saturday, April 15, at the IV Congress of RPC was elected President of the organization. Kurt was ahead of his opponent, the election lawyer of the Association of Roman Smirnov, with more than three-fold gap (27 to 8 vote), the correspondent . The acting head of RAPC Mintusov resigned in August — the founder of the Agency for strategic communications “Nikkolo M” have occupied this position for three years.

RPC, working in the sphere of organization and holding election campaigns, and collaborates with politicians and public figures in the period between elections. The facility includes 77 political consultants and political strategists, and she remains one of the largest trade associations along with the Committee on political technologies of the Russian Association on public relations (RASO) (about 150 participants).

Initially on a post of the President of RAPK planned to nominate three candidates. Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “intermediakom” Alexey Kurtov, Director General of the Agency for political and economic communications (APEK), Dmitry Orlov and the head of the Agency Bakster Group Dmitry Gusev. Later Orlov and Gusev withdrew from the election, and his candidacy for the presidency of the organization of the proposed electoral Association’s lawyer Roman Smirnov.

In addition to the election of the President the Congress participants discussed the development strategy of the organization — will it remain an “elitist club”, or to advance in the direction of mass development, said a member of RAPC Margarita Volgina. Association begins to create regional offices, she said.

On the expansion of the membership of the Association and that it should “reach a national character,” said Orlov. According to him, should be “joint and several liability the most important players in the market that must bear the financial responsibility.”

In turn, according to a member of the Board of RPC and one of the candidates for the presidency of the Association Smirnova, one of the important issues is the transparency of financing political campaigns. Previously, the need to restore order in this sphere, the Kremlin asked the movement for the rights of voters “the Voice”.

“All the community that we have translated the problem of the white mainstream. But customers do not want, — said Smirnov. Lots of money comes from nowhere, it is unclear how he did that”.