“Rain” tied estates in the Smolensk region with Volodin and Mr Neverov

That Volodin, disbelief and punks built estate in Novoduginskaya district of Smolensk region, the TV channel “Rain” was told two sources close to the leadership of the region, and confirmed the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages.

In particular, rector of the Church of the Holy virgin in the village of Bolshevo priest Paul said “Rain” that Alex lives in the neighboring village Bolshevo Domashenko Smolensk region. With reference to the Rossreestra the TV station reports that in this village there is a house with an area of 1000 sq. m, the address and the owner of which is not stated. In the investigation it is noted that the correspondent of “Rain” to found a house of similar square on the site, which the locals call “the giving Foundation”.

This site is not marked on the cadastral map, its owner is unknown, said the investigation “Rain”. Near the fenced yard has an artificial pond, and adjacent to the pond shore are pasture and stable. Local residents told the TV station that Neverov often comes there with his family for the weekend.

In another village Stepankovo, 8 km from Bolshevo, there is a plot with an area of 2.3 hectares, which the locals call “the estate Pankova”. With reference to the data of Rosreestr “Dozhd” says that it belongs to Naydenova Claudia Alekseevna. Full namesake of Naydenova was a co-owner of the Saratov companies “Creative”, “Volga”, “news” and “polygraph”. “Creative” was the founder of the information Agency “Saratov regional news”, a local Agency which “Version” is called close to the Saratov United Russia, stated in the investigation.

In the same village, Stepankovo, is a site owned by, according to “Rain”, Artem Balyhina, a former chief of staff Vyacheslav Volodin in the presidential administration. Himself Balyhin has confirmed channel that owns the land in the Smolensk region, however, did not tell their neighbours. “I am not a Deputy or a public servant, so the question to me incomprehensible. I have a right to free movement and privacy. It’s not Ruble and not foreign property, but just land in Smolensk region”, – said the TV channel.

Another estate, on which he writes “Rain”, is located near Stepankovo at the place designated as the village is Repaired. There are areas belonging to agricultural enterprise “beaver”, which is 100% owned by Lydia Barabanovo. Her edition of “the Source” called the mother of the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

The territory of the “beaver” as the red deer fenced farm, noted in the investigation. Inside has a plot area of 30 hectares, which, according to rosreestra, is used for the “construction of the health complex”. The land has several houses, an artificial pond and a helipad, according to “Rain”. The inhabitants of the neighbouring villages told the correspondent of the TV channel that Volodin often stops in this manor.

“Rain” notes that in the declarations Volodin, Neverov and Pankova there is no information on such sites. The source in the entourage of the speaker of the state Duma said the “Rain” that all the property owned by Volodin, reflected in its Declaration. The channel is awaiting responses to requests for comments from Neverov and Pankov.

Dacha cooperative Volodin was reduced to three senior officials

Volodin and Neverov unites neighborhood dacha cooperative “Sosny”, located in the Istra district of the Moscow region, which in time became known from the investigations of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny.