Detained the organizer of the explosion in the subway has issued a last call of a suicide bomber

Detainee on Monday, April 17, Abror Azimov, who is the secret service called the organizer of the explosion in the subway of Saint Petersburg, the secret service went out after analyzing the phone calls of Akbarjon Jalilova, committed a suicide bombing. About this newspaper “Kommersant”, citing its own sources.

As told the publication, before the bombings Jalilov called Asimov. According to sources, he said that he is ready for the action. And Asimov, the newspaper notes, was the only one of the participants of the terrorist underground, with whom the bomber had been on the phone.

Previously, the portal Life reported that on the trail of the organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg managed to reach due to calling Jalilova, which he did before the suicide bombing. Asimov supposedly gave him the command to undermine, the publication reported, citing a senior source in law enforcement bodies.