LDPR and a just Russia has decided not to ask Medvedev about the film Bulk

Without mentioning the “Dimona”

Deputies from LDPR and “Fair Russia” will not ask the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev during his report to the state Duma of the investigation and the film Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny, told deputies from both factions .

A source close to the leadership of “Fair Russia”, said that they “don’t want to draw too much attention to Navalny.” In his opinion, there are many controversial topics that can be addressed in the dialogue with the Prime Minister.

As explained by Vice-speaker of the state Duma from LDPR Igor Lebedev, the Prime Minister will report on the activities of the government, so questions about his real estate to be inappropriate, besides, the party doesn’t want to do “extra is this man [Bulk]”

In early April, in “Fair Russia” and LDPR has not supported the Protocol instructions of the Communists with the requirement to investigate the facts Bulk. The Deputy-spravoross Michael Yemelyans has explained the decision “the reluctance to dance to the tune of Navalny.” Lebedev from the liberal democratic party stated that a Bulk all you need to say”less.”

The Communists also proposed to authorize the Committee of the Duma security request from the security forces and registered bodies information confirming the reliability of the presented in the investigation of the FBC information and to check illegal activities mentioned FBK charitable foundations and individuals. Everything that should be done to “clarify the reliability of examples, voiced Navalny A. A. in the publication “you do not Dimon,” explained the Communists.

Medvedev will speak in the Duma on Wednesday, April 19. Written questions four Duma faction, sent the head of the Cabinet of Ministers a month and a half ago, the number of oral questions this year by the decision of the Council of the state Duma increased five from each faction, although previously there were three.

The investigation FBK “you do not Dimon” was published on March 2. It States that Medvedev has “huge tracts of land in the elite areas, manages yachts, apartments in historic mansions, agro-complexes and wineries in Russia and abroad”. Their findings the authors of the investigation make based on the data of the Rosreestr, as well as media publications and social networking accounts. March 26 in Moscow and in dozens of big cities of Russia held rallies in which the participants demanded the authorities reaction to the material of the FBC. The largest was a rally in Moscow, the results of which have been detained more than thousand participants.

Medvedev said the investigation into Navalny “compote”. “Take it all different kinds of rubbish, any rubbish is collected about me, if it’s about me, about my friends, about the people, about whom I never heard. About some of the places I’ve been. About some places that I too have never heard of. Collect some papers, photos, clothes. Then create a product and present it,” — said Medvedev during a meeting with workers of the plant of LLC “Tambov bacon”.

Truckers and Syria

The most pressing question that the LDPR will ask Medvedev during his report to the deputies for Syria, said Lebedev.

“We are there [in Syria] sit-sitting, money to spend, but no good there, and the Americans attacked a military airfield and the whole world applauds him. And stay of military forces anywhere in the world costs a fortune. I would like to understand what to do,” he said.

Year of the war in Syria from autumn 2015 to autumn 2016 cost Russia no less than 58 billion rubles, previously figured out . The money went to the military-space forces, missile launches, food and nutrition personnel. The campaign of the Russian aircraft carrier ship group led by the heavy cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov” to the shores of Syria in the autumn and winter have cost the Russian budget of at least 7.5 billion rubles.

According to Lebedev, deputies from LDPR will ask the Prime Minister and the protesting truckers. “Ask how the government is going to build a dialogue with them, you can’t sit back and not pay attention to them,” — said Lebedev.

Deputies from “Fair Russia” with final list of issues will be determined at tomorrow’s meeting of the faction, said the first Deputy Chairman Alexander Burkov. “The main theme of which will ask, — socio-economic [situation],” he said.

Thus, as stated by another source in the faction, to ask about the facts presented earlier in the investigation the FCO in “Fair Russia” will not.

Question from the Communists

MP from the Communist party Valery Rashkin confirmed that it still intends to ask Medvedev about the investigation FBK “Say, what if nobody does anything, then let’s deputies will conduct its own investigation,” — said Rashkin.

Will the leadership of the faction KOFIU to support Rashkin in his desire to ask a question Medvedev about the investigation of the FBC is not yet clear. First Vice-speaker of the Duma from the Communist party Ivan Melnikov, on Monday, April 17, stated that the Communists would ask Medvedev questions about the problems of pension security and wage delays. About questions on other topics Melnikov said, adding that will be determined “down to business”. “Events in the country and the world evolve so rapidly that you cannot anticipate and plan,” — said Melnikov.

No word on Bulk

Deputies from “United Russia”, whose Chairman is Dmitry Medvedev, questions about the investigation of the FBC will not ask, said the first Deputy Chairman of the faction “United Russia” Andrei Isayev. “About Navalny we’re certainly not going to ask, and we his position repeatedly explained,” — said Isayev. What questions to ask the faction, Isaev said. “We do not intend to disclose the topic to the report, Medvedev],” said Isaev.

Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption, United Russia Vasily Piskarev said at a meeting of the state Duma that “none of his [Navalny] so-called investigation, including the most recent, in question, had nothing to do with truth, and especially with the fight against corruption”.