The government supported the bill on the demolition of five-story building

Government Commission on legislative activities endorsed the initiative of the deputies of the demolition of five-story building in Moscow, says the opinion, which read . The authenticity of the document confirmed by the source in the Cabinet of Ministers.

A bill may be adopted taking into account the number of observations. So, the government indicated that it was necessary “to discuss further the questions of” on what grounds housing the demolished houses will become property of the city; how to move citizens from their apartments, take out a mortgage; how should “correlate” termination of property rights of Muscovites on the premises of the demolished houses and the emergence of property rights to housing provided in return. The Commission also propose to clarify the concept of “renovation” and “ability to define” the city authorities cases where it is necessary to consider opinion of the population on the issues of renovation.

“The Government’s position on these issues will be presented for consideration of the bill in the second reading”, — the document says.

A bill on the demolition of five-story building was submitted to the Duma on March 10. It gives the city authorities a broad mandate for the renovation of dilapidated housing. The municipality will be able to determine the series and specific houses to issue “special technical requirements” the developer to bypass the regulations. A specially created Fund the renovation will be to obtain land plots without bidding. All the approvals and construction will reduce almost twice. Residents of five-storey buildings must provide equivalent housing — not the smaller one with the same number of rooms and area of residence, that is in the same area or in neighbouring areas in the same district. Exceptions are made for residents of the city center, Zelenograd and New Moscow: they will relocate within their districts. Under the bill, the authorities must provide the residents of demolished five-story building a few sentences about the new housing. If the owners do not agree within 60 days, you will be evicted by the court.

The document has already supported several committees of the state Duma, but also taking into account the comments. April 13 meeting deputies and city officials, representatives of the mayor’s office has agreed to change some of the details of the bill. The first reading of the document is assigned in the Duma on April 20. In the Federation Council proposed to extend the law to demolish the five-story building in all of Russia.