The media learned about the visits to Turkey of a possible organizer of the terrorist attack in the subway

FSB detained in Moscow Abror Azimov, suspected of organizing the terrorist attack in the subway of Saint-Petersburg in 2016 was twice in Turkey, the second time he returned to Russia via Seoul, according to “Fontanka”.

According to the publication, Asimov was born in the city of Jalalabad, the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan, located 200 kilometers from Osh, but no later than 2016 received Russian citizenship. “Fontanka” suggests that citizenship, he was issued at the Russian Consulate in Kyrgyzstan. In 2016, Asimov was twice flown to Turkey on a Russian passport: first time in March, when he was three days spent in Istanbul, the second time — in October. At the same time, draws attention to “Fontanka”, in October, he returned to Russia in an unusual way — via Seoul and Vladivostok.

Earlier on April 17, the FSB detained Asimov in the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region, with the published FSB operative shooting seen as he withdraws the gun. In addition, during his detention he had seized ammunition and a mobile phone and wires.

The explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg took place on the afternoon of 3 April. The attack killed 15 people, including the suicide bomber. Dozens of people were injured. On the same day at metro station “Ploschad Vosstaniya” found another explosive device that failed to disarm.

The identity of the alleged suicide bombers has been established, the TFR reported that they were ethnic Uzbek, a native of Osh city in Kyrgyzstan, Abracon Jalilov.

Later it became known about arrest of eight friends Jalilova. Six — Seyfulla Khakimova, Ibragimjon ermatova, Dilmurod Muidinova, Bahram Ergashev, Azamjon Makhmudov, Mahmadyusuf Mirzaalimova — detained in St. Petersburg, and Shohista Karimov and sodica Ortikova in Moscow.

According to the portal Life, on the trail of the organizer of the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg managed to go through the call that the suicide Akbarjon Jalilov did before the suicide bombing. Asimov supposedly gave him the command to undermine, the newspaper writes citing a senior source in law enforcement bodies. To find out this was brought about by studying the call data Jalilova. Before the explosion, he called the unknown number, then the source Jalilova dialed another phone number that has already been identified, the newspaper writes.

Companion, who was identified, was a chef from Odintsovo cafes, a citizen of Tajikistan Sodik Ortikov. Check on the work Ortikova ended with the arrest of rescity vegetables Socisty Karimova, whose purse was found a grenade, writes Life. Through the circle of detainees Ortikova and Karimova, the investigation was able to go to Asimov.

According to the Turkish newspaper Yeni Akit, Jalilov about a year illegally was in the territory of Turkey, and was deported from there a few months before the attack, in December 2016, due to the fact that violated the terms of stay in the country. The travel documents he had allegedly prepared the Russian Consulate General. A source close to the Turkish government, confirmed this information in conversation with . “He offered to pay a heavy fine or deportation, blacklisting and the ban to visit the country for five years. Jalilov chose the second option,” — said the source .

The Consulate General of Russia in Istanbul sent a request to the Turkish authorities about the deportation of Jalilova from Turkey in December 2016.