In the state Duma has considered it unnecessary to prohibit the American media in Russia

In the state Duma will forbid the American media — “Voice of America”, “Radio Liberty” and CNN in Russia because of possible interference in the Russian elections. This was stated following the meeting of the Duma Committee on information policy, three deputies, the correspondent .

“Our debate is not about how we will have to limit, and how to develop information policy in our country who it should affect and who should not. That’s what you need to say,” — said the Chairman of the Committee on Informatica Leonid Levin (“Fair Russia”).

That banning of foreign media not talking, during the session and said the Chairman of the Committee on CIS Affairs, the United Russia party member Konstantin Zatulin, previously initiated a legal order with a requirement to verify the legitimacy of the American media in Russia. “The jamming time has passed, these media have to talk openly, because it is the most effective antidote against any attempts to defame us,” commented Committee member Yevgeny Revenko (“United Russia”).

On 17 March, the deputies instructed the state Duma Committee on information policy, to organize the test of the American media on the compliance of their activities with the Russian legislation. Such a Protocol instruction was given by the United Russia Konstantin Zatulin.

In a prepared Zatulin Protocol request, the Deputy indicates that on March 14, the Senator from new Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen introduced in Congress a bill giving additional powers to the Ministry of justice with the purpose of checking the Russian broadcaster RT in compliance with the American legislation on foreign agents.

The MP said that he considered it necessary to respond, “given the fact that persecution on the basis of specially adopted a repressive legal act may cause damage not only to the business reputation of the Russian television and Russia as a whole.”

However, as noted Leonid Levin, you need to understand in specific cases the impact of the USA on elections in Russia and on the domestic Russian Affairs in General. Levin added that “we discuss the structure of the [American media] are part of the larger American system pressure [on Russia]”.

“She [America] uses a variety of tools against Russia, so it is advisable to consider not only the possibility of U.S. intervention in the Russian electoral processes, but also in the Affairs of our country as a whole,” the MP added.