Peskov denied the information on transfer to Putin of trump’s plan on Syria

On the question of “Interfax” whether the validity of this information, Peskov said, “no.”

Previously, the Agency Associated Press (AP), citing U.S. officials speaking on condition of anonymity, said that Tillerson during his visit briefed Putin and other officials with the basic principles of the plan of trump. According to the Agency, the Secretary of state also requested that Moscow clarify its “fundamental interests” in Syria, but insisted on the imminent response.

The plan involves three phases on the path to achieving a political settlement in Syria: victory over the terrorist group “Islamic state”, the ceasefire and stabilization in Syria, the transfer of power from President Bashar al-Assad to the new government. The administration trump is considering different scenarios of transit, but preferred is considered the peaceful transfer of power through elections. While the plan notes the key role of Russia in settling the Syrian conflict. According to the AP, trump’s plan envisions guarantees of preservation of Moscow’s access to the naval base in Tartus and air force base in Latakia, even after the end of the conflict. The Agency notes that the information it has received from several U.S. officials on condition of anonymity.

Rex Tillerson visited Moscow on April 11-12. In the framework of his visit he held meetings with President Vladimir Putin and Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. One of the main topics of the talks was the investigation of the chemical attack in Syrian Idlib in which Washington accuses Damascus.