Reuters learned of the death of two Russian contractors in Syria

The Agency points out that among the victims were 41-year-old Alex Safonov and 46-year-old Vladimir Plucinski. Official confirmation of this information from the Russian authorities has not yet been reported. Reuters also reports on the death of Mikhail Nefedov. Informed of his death told a group of independent investigators Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT).

According to the relative Safonova, a soldier was killed in mid-March. Details of the interlocutor of the Agency failed to prove, however, said that it happened in Syria. He was buried two weeks later on the farm Post in the South of Russia, where he was born. Before the military operation he took part in the fighting in Southeast Ukraine, the source added. This information, the Agency confirmed neighbors of the military and local officials.

On the death of Plucinska Reuters has learned after he received the official death certificate. He was murdered at Palmyra on 12 February. One of his relatives in a conversation with the Agency said that the soldier was killed in the Syrian province of HOMS, it added that he did not serve in the army at this time.

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