Sberbank has launched a refinancing of a mortgage to other banks

The savings Bank began to refinance mortgages to other banks secured by real estate. As reported to journalists the Director of Department on work with partners and mortgage lending of the savings Bank Nikolay Vasev, the minimum bet will be offered when you refinance only mortgage loan and will be 10.9% per annum, the correspondent.

“When you refinance the mortgage with the consumer and other loans in other banks, and cash advance under personal goals, the rate ranges from 11,15 to 11.65% per annum,” he said.

Programs of refinancing of interest primarily to those borrowers who took out loans about a year and a half ago, when bets on the mortgage market were significantly higher. Such products allow, as a rule, reduce debt, consolidate multiple loans into one on more favorable terms, and to an additional amount on personal goals.

As said the representative of the press service of Sberbank, is still the refinancing of mortgage loans of Sberbank will be available in some regions in the framework of the pilot (in Moscow, the Moscow region, the Urals, etc), and now starts a new product throughout Russia.

Sberbank offers, in particular, mortgage refinancing from another Bank, refinance mortgage loan another Bank with the consolidation of other consumer loans and credit cards, and mortgage refinancing from another Bank with the provision of cash funds for personal purposes. It’s also possible refinancing of the borrowings of the savings Bank, but not the mortgage, said the representative of the press service of the Bank.

The maximum amount for repayment of the mortgage is in Moscow and Moscow region, 7 million rubles, in other regions — 5 million rubles. The maximum amount of repayment of other loans of 1.5 million rubles, while the personal goal of 1 million rubles.