Sberbank once again recognized the most expensive Russian brand

The Sberbank brand has once again topped the ranking of most valuable brands of Russia, follows from the materials research company Brand Finance. Over the past year, the brand value increased by 23%, which allowed to move from 200 to 157 th place in the global ranking by Brand Finance.

In the list of banking brands in the world, the savings Bank occupies the 24th place among European banks, Sberbank is the sixth.

“Brand Finance assesses the value of the brand using the relief from royalty that defines how many would be willing to pay the company licensing its brand, if he were not her property. This approach involves the assessment of future earnings associated with the brand, and the royalty calculation, which will be paid for the use of the brand”, — stated in the message of Sberbank.

Assessment Brand Finance, the brand value of the savings Bank now stands at almost 570 billion rubles, which is only slightly less than the total cost of occupying second and third places in the Russian “competition” brands “Gazprom” (305,3 billion roubles) and LUKOIL (283,9 billion rubles).

In addition, the ten most expensive in Russia include the brands of “Rosneft” (180 billion rubles), “Magnet” (153 billion rubles), “Surgutneftegaz” (134,7 bn), Russian Railways (117.3 billion rubles.), VTB (106.3 billion rubles), MTS (93,11 bn) and “Tatneft” (89,55 bn).

Compiled by Brand Finance’s top 500 most valuable brands in the world are once again led by Google, has risen in price more than 24%, to $109,47 billion, and olesnicki in the second place, the Apple brand ($107,141 billion, a minus of 26,5%).

In addition, the top 10 included brands Amazon ($106,4 billion, +52%), AT&T ($87 billion, +45%), Microsoft ($76,265 billion, +13.4 per cent), Samsung ($66,219 billion, +12,96%), Verizon ($65,875 billion, +4.3 percent), Walmart ($62,211 billion, +15,9%), Facebook ($61,998 billion, +82%) and ICBC ($47,832 billion, +31%).