With the Duma about the millions: a study of declarations of the Russian Parliament

For comparison, the average income of the parliamentarians took the data of the declarations of deputies of the last two calls (sixth and seventh) for 2011-2016

The maximum increase in average earnings of parliamentarians on factions for six years was 30%, and decreased revenues from two of the four Duma factions. The deputies of “United Russia” on average, with 2011 revenue dropped by almost half, from 36 million to 20.7 million rubles., and “Fair Russia” — from 15.7 million to 12.5 million rubles. At the same time, the Communists in six years the average income has increased from 10 million to 13 million rubles From the liberal democratic party, the increase is negligible — from 9.6 million to 10.7 million rubles.

Revenue growth from the two opposition factions, while falling incomes of the United Russia political analyst Nikolai Mironov tied with a different approach to the verification of declarations. In his opinion, according to an informal practice of the authorities to carefully check the Declaration of the opposition than the MPs from the ruling party.

The loss of the status

The analyst Abbas Gallyamov tied General “impoverishment” of the Duma with the installation of the Kremlin on the elimination of big business in the lower house, resulting in single-mandate constituencies in the last convocation took place less than businessmen. “Getting rid of business in GD is a good public relations project that will appeal to ordinary voters, but it’s bad from the point of view of the strategy. Russia’s economy is therefore in a semiconscious state that it is subject to politics, and trim business representatives from the legislative process this affiliation will further strengthen”, — says the expert.

In the lower house of the last convocation of less business due to restrictions for the deputies on foreign Bank accounts and informal requirements for declarations, explained spravoross Oleg Sheyin. These restrictions intensified after the resonance of history with the United Russia Vladimir Pekhtin, who in 2013 had discovered a hidden property in the United States.

The decrease in the number of rich people in the Duma is connected with the fact that she’s lower house has seriously lost its influence in recent years, I’m sure Shein. “During this time, the Parliament has turned into a stamping machine, not only for initiatives of the presidential administration or the government and any agencies,” he said. Thus, for the representatives of big business, it defeats the purpose to run for Parliament.

How to change the incomes of deputies

Nine of the ten richest deputies — United Russia

The composition of the state Duma of the seventh convocation has been updated compared to almost half of the sixth, which was reflected in income. Compared to the 2015 top richest parliamentarians was replaced six of ten names.

The faction “United Russia” in 2016, strengthened its position in the top of the richest state Duma deputies. In 2016, the top ten included nine United Russia and a Communist, while in 2015 the ruling party members held eight lines in the rating of the Duma of the rich. Among the richest MPs were two rookies: first place in revenues have taken a member of “United Russia” Andrey Palkin with 678 million rubles., the second newcomer in the top — ten single in the Communist Vladimir blocky (ninth place, 260 million rubles of annual income).

Top 10 members with the lowest income 2016 fully updated compared to 2015. Among the “poorest” members — six representatives of “United Russia” one Deputy from the Communist party and “Fair Russia” and two members of the liberal democratic party.

As previously calculated, the base salary of senators and deputies, equivalent to earnings of civilian Ministers make up 2015 359,5 thous. (about 4.3 million rubles per year).

In the three richest wives of deputies of the most financially secure, the wife of Communist Alexander Nekrasov: in 2016, she earned 645 mln Second and third wives of deputies from the faction “United Russia” Sergei Petrov (220 million); and Vladimir Sinyagovsky (187 million rubles).

TOP 10 returns of deputies

The wealthy leader of the faction in the state Duma became the Chairman of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Over the years it has significantly increased their income up to 79 mln (RUB 5.3 million in 2015). Earnings growth of the founder of the liberal democratic party is associated with the sale of real estate, said the source in the entourage of the leader of the party.

Income other faction leaders either declined or remained at the level of 2015 are in the range of 4.5–5.9 million rubles the Income of the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin in 2016 amounted to 62,1 million RUB last year on a post of the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, he declared 87,1 mln.

The media deputies of the state Duma, Irina Yarovaya and Natalia Poklonskaya, has shown high returns in 2016. Spring has made 6,3 million roubles, which is almost 1 million more than in 2015 (5.5 million rubles). Poklonskaya declared in 2016, 2.6 million rubles income (2.3 million RUB in 2015, according to election returns). Her Declaration for the year 2016 had lost her husband.

The owner of the largest apartment among MPs in 2016, as the year before, became the Deputy from “United Russia” Iosif Kobzon: its housing with an area of 671 square meters is located in Moscow. The spacious house (3181 m) was declared by the Deputy from “Fair Russia” hajimurad Omarov, the largest land — the Deputy from “United Russia” Pyotr Tolstoy (162 ha). The largest fleet (19 cars) is owned by United Russia, Vladislav Reznik.

“Who shows large income and a significant amount of property, the more likely telling the truth,” said political analyst Catherine Shulman. She offers to pay special attention not to the richest MPs, and those who occupy positions in the leadership of the lower house and shows “deliberately austere picture.” “You will immediately become clear who’s a big man, says the expert. — They have a service apartment and the amount equal to the salary: “Look at my Declaration, I will tell you nothing”.

The senators got rich twice

In contrast to the lower house of Parliament, the Federation Council members for the year have increased their average income. According to the declarations, the average income of a Senator in 2016 (30 million rubles) is almost two times higher than 2015 (16 million RUB).

This is largely due to the fact that the richest Senator in 2016, Valery Ponomarev, the representative of Kamchatka, reported income of 2.6 billion rubles the year before he earned 2.5 times less is 1 billion rubles Spouse Ponomarev declared 32.7 million rubles of net income. The Senator also owns three apartments with a total area of 505 sq m, four Parking lots (one owned by his wife), three non-residential premises and four cars — a Bentley Arnage, Porsche Cayenne, Ferrari and GAZ-21. According to Forbes, Ponomarev is a co-owner of “Okeanrybflot”, one of the largest fishing enterprises of the Kamchatka Peninsula, and the shareholder of Interprombank.

On the second place by revenues in the Federation Council Senator from the Tambov region Alexander Babakov who in 2016 has earned 318 million rubles In 2013, he became involved in the investigation of Alexei Navalny, who found the policy estate with an area of 10.9 hectares in France. Navalny called Babakov, who was then the Deputy of the state Duma, “the poorest member of the” in 2011 that, according to the Declaration, earned only 1.9 million rubles.

On the third place by revenue last year among the senators — the representative from the Kursk region Vitaly Bogdanov. He is the owner of CJSC “Multimedia holding”, which includes radio station “Nashe radio”, Best FM, Rock FM and “Radio Jazz”, as well as several agencies and channel “Our TV”. Annual income Bogdanov amounted to 222,9 million rubles.

The incomes of senators by regions of Russia

The region with the highest revenue of senators remained Kamchatka Krai: the Senator from it was in the list of the richest. In addition Ponomareva from 2.6 bn RUB., the subject is Senator Boris Nevzorov (fourth place in the top 10) with 173,9 million rubles of annual income. The three leading actors of the Russian Federation on earnings of the senators who represent these regions are also Tula and Kursk region.

The region with the lowest incomes, the senators became the Karachay–Cherkessia. This region in the Federation Council represent Rauf Arashukov (he has a minimum income among senators for 2016 – 1.6 million rubles) and Ahmad Salpagarov (4.7 million RUB in 2016). Second and third place among the “poor” regions on the incomes of senators occupy the Stavropol Krai and Kaliningrad oblast.

The analyst Mironov speaks about the main three groups of senators: “the political hospice that is senior retirees on a “political pension”, a technical pool of lobbyists from the governors and businessmen who received a mandate for the status.” On average, the richer senators deputies sitting there thanks to wealthy retirees and large businesses.

TOP 10 declarations of senators

The Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko earned in 2016 22.8 million rubles — 1.8 million more than last year. Her husband, Vladimir Matviyenko, in 2016, reported income of 17 million rubles.

Among the heads of the committees of the Federation Council of the richest was the Chairman of the Committee on economic policy, Senator of the Yamalo-Nenets district Yury Neyelov. His income last year amounted to 15.4 million rubles Less than all the heads of committees in 2016, earned the Chairman of the Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev. His income reached 4.7 million rubles (100 thousand rubles. less than in 2015). His wife declared that 2.5 million rubles of net income for the year.

Senators with the richest wives declare that they have relatively modest income. The wife of Yuri Vorobiev (Vologda oblast) has earned 225 mln. (income of husband only 5.3 million rubles), the wife of Valery Vasil’eva (Ivanovo region) — 128 mln (Vasiliev himself dropped out of the top 10 richest members of the Federation Council, declared an income of 5.4 million rubles). And the wife of the Senator from Ivanovo region Vladimir Bochkova demonstrated 70 million rubles of income (her husband earned in 2016 4,9 mln RUB.).

Senator with the most spacious apartment became one of the richest members of the upper house Alexander Verkhovsky. The area of its housing is 369 sq. m. the Largest building (1321 m) owns Senator Dmitry Saveliev. The owner of record of the land was the Senator from the Saratov region Oleg Alekseev (>350 hectares). Most of cars (nine) — the Senator Vladimir Lebedev (Nizhny Novgorod oblast).