CNN learned about the imminent test US to intercept North Korea’s missile

The Pentagon in may is going to conduct two large trials to intercept North Korean missiles. On it informs TV channel CNN, citing sources in the us military.

It is noted that the test was long-planned in the framework of the overall military program of the United States on missile defense to protect against North Korean or Iranian threats. Current testing is aimed at protecting the U.S. from threats from North Korea, emphasize interlocutors.

One of the trials will be held in the waters of the Pacific ocean and will include the launch of an advanced missile from a Navy ship designed to intercept medium-range missiles. Such interceptor missile was tested only once, marks the channel.

During the second test, which is scheduled for late may, will be tested the interceptor missile, designed to intercept Intercontinental missiles of the DPRK that could threaten the United States. Will be tested land-based missiles, which are located on the territory of the States of Alaska and California. With reference to the head of the defense Ministry of the USA the TV channel said that this programme exists already for more than ten years, but only half of trials it was successful.