How to invest in the most disruptive technologies by the MIT

How to invest in the most disruptive technologies by the MIT

In 2001, mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT) publishes an annual list of breakthrough technologies in its journal Technology Review. Experts select the most promising developments from the existing and predict the approximate time of their release to the mass market. Subsequently, in their opinion, these technologies will have a significant impact on the development of humanity over the next 10-15 years.

This year, scientists from MIT have relied on new developments in the field of “green” energy. They believe that the horizon of 10-15 years, energy companies will begin to supply the world markets thermoporosimetry. We are talking about a new generation of solar panels, which are equipped with a device that converts solar light first into heat and then into light of a different spectrum more efficiently absorbed by cells. As a result, the electricity goes up to 60% of solar energy against 32% of the existing counterparts.

MIT also expects major changes in the transport and logistics industry, as freight transport will be engaged in self-driving trucks, whose operation is based on the technology of scanning and recognition of environmental objects. According to scientists, it will happen within the next 5-10 years. Thus, the company Otto of San Francisco now is testing this technology by sending in a test match the whole column of the self-governing trucks.

Another technological innovation, which, according to estimates by MIT, will be revolutionary — is a quantum computers that process information many times faster than modern supercomputers. Their entry into the market, experts expect on the horizon of 2-5 years. In addition, MIT expects increased use in the next 1-2 years self-learning artificial intelligence.

Special attention to experts from MIT was paid to innovative development in the field of medicine. Scientists see the potential in the technology of return of motor function to people with paralysis by means of electrodes — its widespread accessibility possible on the horizon of 10-15 years. In addition, MIT will expect to generate a detailed catalog of all 37.2 trillion human cells (within five years) and a qualitative leap in the development of gene therapy — treating diseases by manipulating genes.

MIT experts also pointed out two technologies for everyday use that are affordable to the General public now. This camera can shoot 360-degree panoramic video, and biometric identification system with electronic payment (using face recognition). Download circular video already supports the largest video hosting YouTube, and the minimum price of this camera dropped to $500. A number of Chinese IT companies, in turn, have begun to use the biometric recognition system for the authorization of payments.

Apart in the list MIT is the technology of hacker attacks with the help of home equipment, which, according to experts, can be a lot of hassle in the future. In the beginning, hackers have begun to use for DDoS attacks so-called botnet — a network of computers connected Autonomous (and often without the knowledge of the owners). During a DDoS attack multiple units create pressure on the computing system in order to suspend its work.

In 2016, the desire of manufacturers to supply even the most simple of household appliances operating system has led to the emergence of the Internet of things is associated together with a worldwide network of refrigerators, toasters and cameras, usually equipped with weak software without the proper protection. According to scientists, this technology, like the botnet will be actively used by cybercriminals. Precedents already were: October 21, 2016, unknown hackers with the help of more than 100 thousand devices interfere with the function of the Internet in the United States and “put” sites such as Twitter and Netflix. In November a similar attack occurred in Russia. The purpose of hackers began eight credit institutions. A reliable system of protection from such attacks yet.

Who are the developers

A large part of innovative developments is carried out in research institutes of Europe and the United States, or in the laboratories of the international non-profit organizations. As the managing partner of a trading company United Traders Anatoly Radchenko, most of these projects are extremely costly, and developers do not hope for their quick monetization. However, the list contains MIT and is a successful commercial products. managed to find on us exchanges, few public companies that conduct development in six categories: breakthrough technologies out of ten.

Thus, a biometric identification system with facial recognition already implementing Chinese company Alibaba Group Holding Ltd and Baidu, and panoramic cameras are now increasingly engaged in the South Korean giant Samsung. For the development of Autonomous trucks is obsessed with transnational Daimler collaborating NVIDIA. In the field of gene therapy to the investor are available for four company: Spark Therapeutics, BioMarin, BlueBird Bio and UniQure. On developing their own quantum computers reported the IT giants Intel, Microsoft, Google and IBM.

In the field of artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning research leads Google with its DeepMind division, as well as the Israeli company Mobileye. The last IPO on the new York stock exchange in 2014. Recently it became known about the upcoming takeover of the Mobileye the software developer Intel. The transaction is valued at $15 billion After the publication of this news, the Israeli startup has jumped 30%, making one of the shareholders of Mobileye Shmuel Charlap a billionaire. Example Mobileye is pretty typical, according to Radchenko from United Traders, most innovative start-UPS after the IPO very quickly bought by large corporations. IT giants thus get promising team of developers and at the same time increase the capitalization against the background of stagnant global GDP.

Where to invest

With regard to a particular investment from a list of MIT private investor should pay attention to biometric identification systems, training computers and technology associated with the detection and scanning of the environment, said a senior portfolio Manager of the criminal code “Kapital” Vadim Bit-avragim. Investments in other technologies, the financier considers too risky due to lack of expertise on them — the market for such innovations is too young.

If you focus on the quality of the Issuer, the right move, the expert believes investing in the giants Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and Google, quotes which show us a strong momentum and strong fundamentals. Since the beginning of the year shares Alibaba and Google have risen by 17.6% and 7% respectively, while in 2016, the paper grew by only 4.5 and is 4.36%. According to the forecast of research company Zacks Investment Research, in the next 12 months quotes Alibaba and Google can grow by 16.07 and 14,33%, respectively.

You can also invest in shares of Chinese company, Baidu, says Director of the analytical center of the St. Petersburg stock exchange Pavel Pakhomov. However, Baidu’s business is limited to the Chinese market and, as a consequence, strongly depends on the political climate in the country, he warns. Zacks experts predict growth of quotations of Baidu by roughly 9% by spring 2018.

According to the chief of Department of trading operations IK “freedom Finance” Igor Kleshnev, quite attractive for investors remain, and shares of Intel, thanks to its focus on breakthrough technologies. The expert refers to the updating of quotes Microsoft after a similar refocus on cloud and other advanced products. Pakhomov from St. Petersburg stock exchange added that the purchase of a startup Mobileye Intel were perceived by the market quite positively. “After we published the news about the acquisition of Mobileye Intel shares fell slightly in price, but their correction says the optimism of the market,” he explained. According to estimates Zacks Investment Research, next year the company’s shares rise by nearly 20%.

All experts interviewed noted the investment attractiveness of stock of NVIDIA Corporation, which leads the development in the field of recognition of images by computer that are directly related to the orientation of the Autonomous trucks in space. According to Vadim Bit-Avragim, the investor can also pay attention to shares of Facebook Inc. and Sony, who are engaged in similar technology, but NVIDIA remains a major player in the new market. “NVIDIA showed an increase of 217% over the past 12 months,” adds Glushnev of IR “freedom Finance”. The financier also recommends to invest in Microsoft and IBM. The latter, however, is a more risky investment. “The past six months, IBM shares are in an uptrend, but they fell for a long time,” he explains.

Anatoly Radchenko from United Traders, however, do not advise a novice investor to engage in self-investing in breakthrough technologies. In his opinion, this strategy is highly risky and requires in-depth analysis of the market. “I spend 2-3 hours a day on the portal TechCrunch, just to be aware of new products. For ordinary investors, such strategies are not appropriate,” concluded Radchenko.