North Korea has said it is ready to sink us aircraft carrier

As reported by Reuters, the main North Korean newspaper “Rodon Sinmun” published an article which stated that the revolutionary forces of the DPRK are now ready with one blow to sink an American aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson”. The material the ship is called “big animals”, the destruction of which will show the actual power of the army of the DPRK.

The Agency indicates that the material appeared on the third page of the newspaper, while the first two were dedicated to the visit of the country’s leader, Kim Jong-UN into a pig farm.

Previously the foreign Ministry of North Korea has threatened a nuclear strike to the Australian authorities in the case that this country “will continue to blindly follow the” policy of the United States in trying to isolate the DPRK.

The situation around the Korean Peninsula escalated in early April, when Pyongyang conducted an unsuccessful missile launch. Washington responded by sending in the region of the carrier battle group, which includes the “Carl Vinson”. The White house did not hide that the purpose of the planned exercises will be pressure on North Korea to force that country to abandon further tests of ballistic missiles.