The FAS did not accept the tender of “Transneft” for the purchase of pipes 50 billion rubles.

Trader of pipe freight company (THC, is 85.5% owned by Alexander Karmanov through the Eurasian pipeline consortium) became the winner of competition on delivery of Transneft pipes 50 billion RUB for main pipelines. Deliveries will be made within three years from 2017 to 2020. Applications for participation in competition have also filed three of the largest Russian manufacturer — Izhora pipe plant (ITZ, owns “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov), pipe metallurgical company (TMK owner Dmitry Pumpyansky) and Vyksa steel works (VMZ, part of OMK Anatoly Sedykh). The competition allowed all but ITZ.

According to the Protocol of the procurement, TGC has offered the highest discount percentage for each individual position is 1.7%. However, the conditions of the tender, which was won not a manufacturer, an intermediary, has attracted the attention of the FAS. “FAS found the actions of the customer evidence of violations of procurement law, and intends to apply to the “Transneft” with information about the detected signs of violations and information on the feasibility of renegotiation of the purchase,” — said the Deputy head of the FAS, We Petrosian.

As told Petrosyan, FAS received two complaints against “Transneft” in the conduct of this procurement (room 31704959589), but prior to their consideration on the merits, the applicants withdrew their. FAS however studied the procurement and found out that “Transneft” have combined in one lot of miscellaneous pipe items — large, middle and small diameter. “The production of such pipes is made of various economic entities. In addition, part of lot 20 United the needs of customers located in different regions of Russia. All of this can lead to restriction of number of procurement participants”, — said Petrosyan. The procurement law does not allow the Antimonopoly authority to conduct an unscheduled inspection of the customer’s actions in case the complaint will be withdrawn and issue an order to eliminate violations.

Alexander Karmanov regularly win tenders “Transneft” for the supply of pipes, bypassing the largest Russian producers CHTPZ, Severstal, OMK and TMK. In “Severstal”, OMK, and TMK declined to comment. As stated to journalists the press-Secretary of “Transneft” Igor Demin, “the initial (maximum) contract price is 50 billion rubles is to last for the entire term of the contract for all customers on the lot (20 companies “Transneft”. — ). The company will purchase the pipe by the parties in accordance with the terms of the agreement, and if the three-year requirement in the pipes will be less than 50 billion rubles, the monopoly will purchase the pipes on the actual amount of needs.” According to him, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian pipe companies, together with “Transneft” it was necessary to study the issue of long-term contracts for the supply of tubular products with a price formula taking account of domestic indexes.

The same method — setting large lots — long used Gazprom, and the FAS tried for years to change this practice. The head of Department Igor Artemyev even complained about it to Vladimir Putin. In 2013, after the FAS initiated a case on the restriction of competition in the market of large diameter pipes in respect of “Gazprom” and the company SETP Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, who until 2013 was the mediator and took all the large lots, the monopoly began to break them. Truboprovodnay began to win more orders, and Rothenberg decided to go out of business because its profitability has fallen sharply. Now tenders “Gazprom” producers get more than half the lots, and pipe trader “Pipe innovation technologies” Ivan Shabalova — up to 30%.

Who is Alexander Karmanov

In the Pockets of school years was fond of judo, on this basis, met other judo Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, told “Vedomosti”. In the beginning of Ziyavudin Magomedov called him to work as a CEO in the firm, which has supplied pipes for “Gazprom” a share in the company was owned by Boris Rotenberg. Many years later, Eurasian pipeline consortium (ETK) Karmanova has become one of the sponsors of the Russian national team and Petersburg’s judo club “yawara-Neva”, the founder of which was Arkady Rotenberg. In 2014, according to Forbes, UTC has won several major tenders “Transneft” for a total amount of 45 billion rubles In 2015, the Pockets took sixth place in the ranking of the “Kings order” Forbes magazine — its structure complied with the contracts for the transportation and supply of large diameter pipes for Transneft and “Gazprom” in the amount to 51.3 billion rubles.

Alexander Karmanov is the business partner of famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, owns the largest shares (flash memory cards 26,95%) in the “Valentin Yudashkin group”, which owns the company “Yudashkin fashion House”; to the designer owns 25% of the group.