The structure of Senator Kanokov sold unfinished at the metro station “Mayakovskaya”

The structure of Senator Kanokov sold unfinished at the metro station “Mayakovskaya”

In cash flow

Holding “Sindika” the Senator from Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov has sold a development project of 0.6 hectares on 1-St Tverskaya-Yamskaya str., VL. 2, said sources in the real estate market. Six of them know that the buyer is the company Vesper, owned by Denis Kitaev and Boris Azarenka. The deal was closed recently — in the first half of April, said several interviewees .

Oleg Eskindarov, President of the holding company Sindika, which combines the assets of Arsen Kanokov, has confirmed the sale of the company Vesper after obtaining permits for construction. The purchase of this asset in holding “Sindika” also recognized the CEO and co-founder of Vesper Boris Azarenka. The amount of the transaction were not disclosed.

“We consistently optimize our portfolio and model development assets and assets at an early stage of development to those that generate current cash flow,” explained Oleg Eskindarov, the decision to sell the station “Mayakovskaya”.

The condition of Arsen Kanokov, Forbes magazine estimates at $500 million From September 2005 to December 2013 Kanokov held a post of the head of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. From 25 December 2013 is representative of the KBR Parliament in the Federation Council. In the holding company “Sindika” includes a network of shopping malls and universal and construction markets in Moscow (among them Trinity in Strogino, Usachevsky in Khamovniki, Bratislava Marino and St. Basil in the Biryulyovo-West), as well as hospitality assets. The most famous of them — built for the Olympics in Sochi, Radisson Blue Paradise Resort worth 7 billion rubles. in Addition to the Sochi hotel structure the Senator, according to the interviewed consultants, at different times owned hotels in Pyatigorsk, Stavropol (working under the brand of “Intourist”), Tambov, Rostov-na-Donu and Nevinnomyssk, “SPA hotel Sindica” in Nalchik and the sanatorium in Kislovodsk. In February 2017, “Vedomosti” wrote that structure Kanokov to discuss the sale of part of its hotel portfolio.

Unfinished on Mayakovskaya

The vacant lot between the new exit from the metro station “Mayakovskaya” and a building “Interfax” one of the most famous in Moscow. The competition for the right to lease for 49 years was held in mid-2002. The winner was JSC “FGC “Russian gold — Stroyinvest” founded the company “Russian gold” Alexander Tarantseva. Under the terms of the tender ZAO was supposed to pay $7.6 million

Views of Triumfalnaya square and the 1-St Tverskaya street. In the center is the “Interfax”, on his left is a vacant lot near the new exit of metro Mayakovskaya. Photo 2014

Photo: Paul Losevskiy / Lori

Before the crisis of 2008, the company intended to build on the site of a nine-storey retail and entertainment complex with an area of 36.5 thousand sq. m, but did not come to the construction site. In 2013, the city authorities considered the possibility to terminate the land lease contract, breaking on the site of the unfinished Park and Parking. In January 2014, “Vedomosti” wrote that the project bought the structure of the Senator from Kabardino-Balkaria Arsen Kanokov, and the concept of development has changed again. According to the newspaper, in mid-December 2013, the Urban planning and land Commission approved the construction on a plot of an eight-story hotel with an area of 21 thousand sq. m.

New Vesper project envisages the construction on the vacant lot two buildings United by a two-storey stylobate part, said the company. Their height will be 8 and 9 floors and a total area of 27 thousand sqm In the same building will house five-star hotel on 180 rooms in the other apartments. Underground Parking will accommodate 97 cars.

The press service of Moskomstroyinvest, said that the final decision on this project “was not accepted”, the Commission he had not yet been discussed.

The price of land with the proper permits could be worth $25-30 million, according to a partner at Colliers International Vladimir Sergunin. Buying could cost more in $42 million, estimates Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group Ekaterina Rumyantseva. Investment in the project, which will be the largest in the portfolio Vesper, will amount to 6 billion rubles ($106.7 mln at the current exchange rate). Most of the funds will be invested in a hotel, says Director of development of the industry of hospitality CBRE Stanislav Ivashkevich. “Construction of the hotel will cost approximately $350 thousand per room, or approximately $63 million, — he estimated. — Apartments are likely to be designed with the participation of the hotel operator, and their sale will allow you to quickly recoup all investments”.

Suite at metro

The company Vesper specializiruetsya on the construction of luxury real estate. It had a portfolio of 11 projects, nine of them in Moscow, and the rest of Europe. In 2014, a few months the majority shareholder Vesper was O1 Group Boris mints (she belonged to 70%), but in the end sold their shares to the company founders Boris Azarenko and Denis Kitaev. Financial indicators of the company are not disclosed.

Demand for premium apartments Tverskaya-Yamskaya is, interviewed experts believe. If the number of registered POS on the purchase of apartments in a mass segment in the first quarter of 2017 decreased by 25%, and in business class — 36%, in the premium segment, the decline in sales did not happen, says managing partner of “Metrium Groups” Maria Litinetskaya. “Sales in the premium segment are more lively pace than the economy — confirms the Director of the residential real estate Department at Penny Lane Realty Sergey Kolosnitsyn, associating it “with the depletion of the purchasing power of the audience economy amid crisis”.

“Given the fact that the project developer is the Vesper, it can be assumed that the average price at the start of sales can be at the level of 600-700 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m including finishes,” — said the Director of Department of consulting and Analytics company Knight Frank Olga Shirokova. According to her, the Tverskoy district is historically a popular place for buyers of premium residential property, but they can not appreciate the proximity of the metro station and two major highways (Tverskaya street and Garden ring), and high density of surrounding buildings.