A family company of the Minister of Tkachev entered the top 5 landowners in Russia

Agrokompleks them. N. And. Tkachev at the end of 2016 entered the top-5 largest owners of agricultural land in Russia. Its land Bank has increased by 184 thousand hectares — up to 640 thousand ha. this is stated in the overview of the auditing and consulting company BEFL (.pdf).

Agrokompleks due to the major acquisitions of last year has risen on two positions,” — said in the review. The company shifted from the fourth place of the “Ivolga-holding”, which is now in sixth place by the size of the land Bank (489 thousand hectares, located in the Orenburg, Chelyabinsk and Ulyanovsk regions). Fifth place with 505 thousand hectares occupied holding company “AK bars”.

In the first place there was a group “prodimeks” Igor Khudokormov, together with the company “agro-culture” (790 hectares). From third place to second rose “Rusagro” Vadim Moshkovich, who now owns 670 ha. “Miratorg” Viktor Linnik and Alexander fell one position to third place (owned by 644 thousand hectares).

A leader in the growth of the land Bank was the agricultural holding “Step”, owned by AFK “Sistema”, which for the year has added more than 200 thousand hectares Connected with head of the Ministry of agriculture “agro” took second place in the growth of the holdings. “AGROKOMPLEX” nearly three years managed to increase the land Bank on 440 thousand ha”, — stated in the report of the BEFL.

The last major deal of Agrokompleks them. N. I. Tkachev held in February. Then the company acquired 100% of the assets of the company Parus Agro Group, reported “Kommersant” with reference to Rosstat and “SPARK-Interfax”. With the acquisition of Parus Agro Group land Bank “Agrocomplex” increased by 102 thousand hectares, said the newspaper. Following the transaction the share of “Agricultural” in the grain markets of Krasnodar, Stavropol and Rostov region will increase to 10, 5,2% and 3,7% respectively.

The father of the current Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev Nikolay Tkachev was founded Agrokompleks them. N. And.Tkachev in 1993, he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Firm “Agrocomplex” until his death in August 2014. Ownership structure of “Agrocomplex” is not disclosed. At different times in the possession of my brother Alexander Tkachev Alexey was 1%, their father — 0,67%.

In 2016 Alexander Tkachev has earned less than other members of the government, his income amounted to 5.6 million rubles, which is almost nine times less of its income a year earlier (RUB 50.4 million). As explained by the representative of the Minister, income in 2015 was higher due to the fact that Alexander Tkachev has obtained an inheritance after his father’s death.