FNS and the Ministry of Finance criticized the idea of paying taxes to work personally with citizens

To discuss the idea of payment of taxes on the labor of the employees, not the employer during the Krasnoyarsk economic forum invited the Executive Director of “OPORA Russia” Andrey Shubin. However, he said that the workers “themselves pay at least a part of insurance contributions”, the correspondent .

According to Shubin, it will increase financial literacy and create a new kind of self-employed tax consultants. However, during the session “a Rational tax system,” in which Shubin and made his initiative, no one on his proposal did not respond.

Deputy Minister of Finance Ilya Trunin later told reporters that the initiative to shift the insurance premiums to the citizens “impossible”, as it will mean raising taxes on the population.

“It exists in many countries, and we have one of the highest loads in the form of contributions to the employer. But precisely because in many countries a substantial part of contributions transferred from the employees salary. But if we [the premiums] will move, it will not be 13% to be kept [of income], and more. I don’t think that it should be done”, — said the Deputy Minister.

In General, payment for labor of employees, rather than employers, “probably will contribute to people’s awareness the fact which they pay taxes,” said Trunin, answering the question .

“But we’re afraid of disruptions in the payments. Because when the tax is taken automatically when you pay income, we pretty much guarantee tax revenues. Can be no payment without deduction of tax. When the money is paid, and then people will pay the tax, then, firstly, will the cash gap, because he will pay for the year. Secondly, this is a complex system, because it will be necessary either to introduce a shorter fiscal period or year-end it will be quite a large amount — 13% of income,” — said the Deputy Minister.

Theoretically, such an idea may exist, but in practice it is far from the reality, he concluded.

The risks of the shifting of taxes on labor on the citizens — “huge”, said Deputy head of Federal tax service (FNS) Dmitry Satin. “First, it increase the burden on citizens. Second, it is easier to administer, one company or a thousand individuals? In my opinion, now formed the most stable and effective administration when one organization pays per thousand employees”, — said the Deputy head of the FTS. The readiness of citizens to report to the tax Inspectorate, even in electronic form, is in “serious doubt,” said Satin.

Now and personal income tax, which is levied on citizens, and the premiums paid by the employer in the amount of 30% of the employee’s salary in the budget and in funds transfers, the employer.

The Russians have no “feelings of the taxpayer”, that is, the desire to follow what their tax, said earlier the former Minister of Finance, Chairman of the Board of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin. This is partly due to “historical moments”, and partly to the fact that public spending and rising living standards in Russia was mainly due to oil revenues, which the ordinary taxpayer associated little, explained Kudrin.