“Magnet” in June will open the first test of pharmacy

Moscow. April 21. Retailer “Magnit” plans in June to open the first four pharmacies in their stores.

“In June, as part of the development of pharmacy project will be open four test pharmacies. We are positive on this format. The market is in a state of growth, sales of medicines per person in Russia is 13 times lower than in the United States and five times lower than in Europe”, – said Deputy General Director of “Magnet”, sales and HR Ilya Sattarov during a telephone conference on Friday.

According to him, in Russia there 52,5 thousand pharmacies and more than half of them are brick and mortar. The turnover of the industry will be 1.3 trillion rubles

In the first stage, “the Magnet” will open a pharmacy on the basis of their “neighborhood” stores and hypermarkets, “where we understand traffic and conversion clients,” said Sattarov.

Answering the question the analyst about the appropriateness of starting a new project, during major changes of existing business (“Magnet”, in particular, is busy updating its key format stores “at home”), chief financial officer of the retailer Khachatur Pombukhchan said that “Magnet” has enough resources.

According to him, the test pharmacies “Magnet” to test their assumptions on how to convert buyers into buyers pharmacies, “relevance and viability of the concept”, as well as get statistics for analysis and decision-making – whether the company is to scale this project: “what will be the scaling to open a pharmacy in the neighbourhood or in the cosmetic stores, or only in hypermarkets which approach in logistics to choose which possible points of growth, optimizing cost and margins of this trend.”

Magnit, the largest retailer in Russia by number of stores. Under the management of the company at the end of March was 14,309 thousand shops, including 10,709 thousand shopping “at home”, 237 hypermarkets. 189 stores “Magnit family” and 3,174 thousand drogerie.