Moscow called the supply of electricity to the Lugansk humanitarian support

The supply of electricity to disconnected from the Ukrainian network of the districts of Luhansk region are by the decision of the Russian government, said the Plenipotentiary representative of Russia in the contact group on settling the situation in Eastern Ukraine, Boris Gryzlov, reports .

“In accordance with the government of Ukraine government of Russia adopted a decision to ensure the supply from the Russian Federation in the framework of humanitarian assistance,” — said Gryzlov.

He also promised to discuss this issue at the meeting of the contact group in Minsk.

“I note that for residents of Donbass in the conditions of deliberate economic blockade by Ukraine, there is no possibility to pay for electricity. This question, of course, will be discussed tomorrow at the contact group and its economic sub-group,” — said Gryzlov.

He also added that the restrictions of consumers in Lugansk region presently there.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, the question of how Moscow will address the needs of the self-proclaimed LC power, replied that he would not go into details. “No, I would not have you to explain it in detail. The de-energization of the Luhansk region, another step on the path of alienating Ukraine from the territories. This step is not consistent with the spirit of the Minsk agreements, which brings us to the implementation of these agreements”.

“Russia and used to do a lot to minimize the policy for the rejection of their lands, held in Kiev”, — said Peskov.

The energy Ministry declined to comment. Russia has long supplied electricity in the DNI and LC, the flow was in 2015 and 2016, said the Federal official. Electricity is on the line 500 kV “Victory Is Mine” (Peremoga).

Russia provided a permanent capacity of about 400 MW (3.5 billion kWh per year). This line was previously in transit and was included in the energy system of Ukraine and after the outbreak of hostilities in the East was a dead end and ends in the uncontrolled republics, recalled a source in one of the knobs, which organizes the operation of the power system of Russia. This line is valid, he says. That Russia is supplying electricity in the unrecognized Republic, and reported “Ukrenergo”.

Now Russia will be put in DND and LNR approximately 500 MW, said the Federal official.

As previously said, the Deputy Minister for the temporarily occupied territories of the government of Ukraine Georgy Tuka, LC can get electricity from Russia, however, existing capacities are insufficient for the full life of the region.

Tuck also reported that the electricity bills stopped after LC and DNR “nationalization”. According to him, the debt Luhansk energy Association before the energy market is UAH 5.2 billion (nearly 11 billion rubles.) “This debt is conventionally distributed between the controlled and uncontrolled area — an approximate ratio of 50/50,” said the official.

The debt of enterprises and population in the Donetsk region is 5.8 billion (12.1 billion rubles), of them a debt uncontrolled territories is 0.5 billion hryvnia (about RUB 1 billion).