Nationalist Demushkin received 2,5 years of a colony for the picture on the Internet

As reports “RIA Novosti”, the court agreed with the request of prosecutors, who asked the court to appoint Demushkin 2.5 years in prison for placing in open access in the social network pictures relating to the “Russian March”.

Examination showed that the picture contained “linguistic and psychological signs of excitation of enmity or hatred against a group of persons allocated for nationalities (non-Russian)”.

Demushkin himself pleaded not guilty. His defense claimed that placed the social network the image was a photograph consistent with the authorities of the banner, which were participants of the “Russian March”.

As have informed Agency “Interfax” the lawyer Demushkin Oleg Kolesnikov, the verdict was illegal, unreasonable and absurd. “We believe that examination of the case, was falsified. On this and several other facts we notice in the appeal”, — said Kolesnikov.

Criminal case under article 282 of the Russian criminal code was opened in December of 2015. The banner in question, the participants “Russian March” was used in 2014, and then, according to Demushkin, no claims to it was not.

In October 2016 Dyomushkin, who was under house arrest, was placed by the court under house arrest. The investigators explained this by the fact that the nationalist regularly left Moscow and traveled to Moscow and Astrakhan.

Have Demushkin was one conviction for extremist article. In 2014, the magistrate of the Ostankino district of Moscow found him guilty under article 282.2 of the Russian criminal code (organization of an extremist community), but released from punishment due to the expiration of the Statute of limitations.

Earlier Demushkin was the leader of the organizations “Slavic Union” and “ethno-political organization “Russian”, which is currently recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.