The Associated Press learned about the attempts of hackers to hack the site Rules

The website of the candidate in presidents of France from the party of “Forward!” Emmanuel Makron has repeatedly been subjected to hacker attacks, the Associated Press reports. The Agency said sources in the Japanese company Trend Micro, which specializiruetsya on anti-virus protection, and this was confirmed by the head of its Department of digital technology Munir Mahjoubi.

According to him, with the December 2016 election, the website of Macron is trying to crack 160 times. Trend Micro experts said that unknown hackers created a fraudulent web site to steal passwords of employees of the headquarters. Trend Micro consider it the handiwork of group of Pawn Storm, but not ready to draw a parallel between it and Russia, specifies Agency.

“It was serious, but the information has not been compromised,” said Mahdjoubi.

Earlier, on 13 February, the Secretary of the party “Forward!” Richard Ferrand stated that Russia tried to interfere in the electoral process in France. According to him, the movement’s leader, the Makron has become a target of Russian media and cyber attacks from the territory of Russia, the purpose of which was to help “Pro-Russian candidates”.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of France Jean-Marc Ayrault has condemned hacking attacks that were committed against Emmanuel Macron. “Pay attention to what candidates, namely marine Le Pen and françois Fillon, Russia expressed its support throughout the electoral campaign. At the same time, Emmanuel macron, who is Pro-European candidate, has suffered from cyber attacks,” he said.

Shortly thereafter, in early March 2017, the French government refused to conduct electronic voting in the upcoming parliamentary elections because of the high level of cyber-threats and the recommendations of the National Agency for information systems security. Elections to the Parliament of France will be held in June 2017.

Sunday, April 23, France passed the first round of presidential elections in the country. The results of the vote leader, former Minister of the economy, the leader of the party “Forward!” Emmanuel macron: he scored 23.75% of the votes. His opponent — the leader of “National front” marine Le Pen took second place with 21,53%. The winner will be determined in the second round, which will take place on 7 may.

A group of hackers called Pawn Stormр in June 2015, suspected of organizing the hacking of the French TV channel TV5 Monde, as well as that they have carried out attacks on the computer systems of agencies of the United States, and the server of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

In addition, Trend Micro last fall, came to the conclusion that the Pawn Storm is also the name Fancy Bear, and APT28, and represents a loose Confederation of best Russian hackers. In addition, it was pointed out by the experts of the company, APT28 can be a unit of the FSB, as it is associated with the hacking of political opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hackers APT28 was also mentioned in connection with the hacking of computer networks of the Warsaw stock exchange and The New York Times. They were also suspected of preparing attacks on banks.

Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement in the specified hacker attacks and has denied trying to influence the election results in other countries.