The media learned about the threats Tim cook to remove the Uber app from the App Store

Travis Kalanick, CEO of Uber, visited the head office of Apple for a meeting with the head of the Corporation Tim cook. He warned of Kalanick, the Uber app violated the principles of confidentiality Apple has continued to identify and track users phones even after removing the app from the device. The conversation took place in 2015, but became aware of it after The New York Times told the sources.

According to the publication, during a meeting with Kalanick cook said that the app is written in such a way that part of the code that tracks the customer’s phone, it was impossible to detect Apple employees. Cook demanded Uber to “stop these tricks” — otherwise, he threatened to remove the app from the app Store. Kalanick, according to the newspaper, agreed to meet the demands of the cook: the loss of millions of customers — users of the iPhone could destroy his business.

According to the newspaper’s sources, Uber is thinking about how to trick Apple in 2014. Then the company faced criminal practice in China, when drivers register e-mail addresses, buying stolen phones and making new accounts with Uber. They left orders with these phones as the clients themselves and they are taken as drivers. The scheme arose because in Uber cash incentives for drivers to take more orders.

To counteract this practice, Uber has developed a code to identify your iPhone even after you delete a program or a content all phone: it helped to establish end-user device (such method of identification is called fingerprinting). However, the fingerprinting violates Apple’s rules: delete the content from the phone should lead to the fact that no information about the identity of the owner in the system should not stay.

So developers, Uber has made it so these parts of the code cannot be viewed from the Apple headquarters. For this, they used geofencing — set a virtual area on the location on the map that housed the office. Part of the code responsible for the fingerprinting, was not visible to anyone who was in the area.

In the end, code fingerprinting noticed employees working in other offices, says the NYT.

The newspaper examined interviews with current and former Uber employees, investors, the company and people who knew of Kalanick (the publication writes that the respondents were more than 50 people). They noted that the head of the company thinks he should win at all and any cost. “The biggest weakness of Travis — he’s ready to break through the wall, just to achieve their goals. This is the most appropriate description,” — said mark Cuban, owner of basketball team Dallas Mavericks and a familiar head of Uber.

Recently Uber is often at the center of scandals. March 20 WSJ reported the resignation of the head of the technological division of the company Jeff Jones. This step, according to the newspaper, he went after the publication in the media of video, where Kalanick rudely arguing with the taxi driver about the reduction of tariffs. To Jones, the company left the Vice-President of service for the development of ed Baker and CTO Raffi Krikorian.

March 28, Uber announced the termination of its activities in Denmark. This happened after the government passed a law requiring the company to film in the salons and to install meters in the cars. In August of 2016 in Finland has increased the pressure on Uber drivers working without a license for the provision of taxi services: the police got the right to bring against them criminal cases.

In addition, The New York Times in March published an article that the company used a system Greyball, which allowed not to take orders from the authorities of those cities where the service was banned. In particular, the system was applied in China, Italy, South Korea, Australia and also in London, Las Vegas and Boston.