Hollande urged the Cabinet of France to provide the crushing defeat of Le Pen

French President Francois Hollande appealed to members of the government urging them to make every effort to ensure that marine Le Pen won the election, head of state of the least possible number of votes. This was announced by the speaker of government, Stephane Le Foll, reports Reuters.

According to Le folla, Hollande also called on Ministers to vote for the candidate from the party of “Forward!” Emmanuel Makron. The outgoing President asked the members of the government “to fully mobilize in this campaign,” quotes Agency of the representative of the French government.

Him and Le Pen reached the second round of presidential elections, held on 7 may. The first round was held on Sunday, April 23. According to the results of Makron has gained about 24% of the vote, Le Pen is about 21.5%. Hollande congratulates Him with this result and announced his intention to support him in the second round. Also the current President of France said that the success of the extreme right poses a risk for the state.

Marine Le Pen said that in the event of his victory will build peaceful relations with all countries, whether USA or Russia. Also in foreign policy, she promised to focus on combating illegal migration and religious extremism. It supports the restoration of border control in France, and also an exit from the Eurozone. Le Pen speaks against the preservation of Western sanctions against Russia.

In the program the macron promises to unite the country on the basis of a pragmatic centrist values. He advocates reducing the budget deficit and tax cuts for business. It also supports the strengthening of the Euro. Macron insists on the need to maintain sanctions against Moscow.