In Krylatskoye for 200 million rubles. will create a Park with nine gates and a Yurt

Moscow authorities announced a competition for the comprehensive improvement of Krylatsky hills. The investor will receive rent for 15 years, the land area of 31 hectares (the total area of the hills is about 200 hectares) on which to build a natural-historical Park with a cafe and trade stands. As told in the press service of the Moscow Department of nature management, this site “is included in borders of especially protected natural territory”.

The competition is announced on the arrangement of the ecological Park-Museum Krylatsky hills in the territory prirodno-historical Park “Moskvoretsky” in the West of Moscow. According to the public cadastral map, the area — 31,12 ha. the Initial auction price is 93.1 thousand for the lease areas, says the document on the investment portal of Moscow. Thus, the minimum price will amount to almost RUB 16.8 million Investment costs for the improvement are estimated in 180,9 million rubles. In the result, the winner will spend around RUB 198 million report on the costs of development and maintenance of the territory, the investor would monthly send to the city authorities. The auction will take place on may 16.

The preliminary draft of the “ethno-ecological” Park-Museum was approved on February 16. In terms of competition it will install nine gates in the style of different continents and parts of the world, playgrounds, gazebos, a lecture hall with a dome, two museums, a Yurt. The investor will be able to place in the Park cafe seven, four grocery stores and four trucks, two items of sports equipment rental. Non-stationary objects will be able to sell Souvenirs, ice cream, products of public catering. In pavilions it is planned to organize exhibitions and master-classes on making Souvenirs and training, “ancient skills” (details about these “skills” are not disclosed).

Krylatsky hills should rebuild the stadium and the track, pump-track (special cycle route), to pave the sidewalks of granite gravel and pebbles, to cover the pavement of the road to the local Church, to equip the wooden decks near objects. “The arrangement of the Park area with the maximum preservation of existing trees with appropriate performance of all complex of actions on sanitary cleaning of the forest area”, — stated in the documentation. On the hills to be planted oaks, pines, maples, rose bushes, barberry and other trees and shrubs.

The final improvement project, the investor needs to develop during the year. Objects subject to renovation at least once in three years, and after the expiry of the contract will be transferred to the city. You cannot install the fence, “impeding the free access of visitors to the territory,” according to the auction documentation. The designed throughput of the Park — 600 people a day.

The Moskva, the largest Park of the capital. It consists of several parks with a total area of over 3.6 thousand hectares. Krylatsky hills (part of the Moskvoretsky Park) received the status of especially protected natural territory in 1998. In 1979 in the hills built Olympic Cycling track with a length of 13.6 km. As reported in March, “Kommersant”, the track is owned by ZAO “Lata-Trek”; the company leased to a natural area of 145 hectares. This land along with the auction for the comprehensive improvement. In March, residents of the Krylatskoye district complained that “Lata-Track” limited access to the Park and drilled several wells.

In January, the Moscow authorities have played two more competition for the comprehensive improvement of sections of Moskvoretsky Park. An area of 35 hectares in Strogino the floodplain has received 15 years “Junata”. The rent amounted to 27 million rubles a Plot area of 1.2 hectares in Strogino the floodplain has received 15 years of OOO “UK “eco-Park Strogino” for 23.4 mln RUB.