Media reported about the seizure of documents in the associated with Herman Klimenko ivy Bank

In Moscow, ivy Bank on Tuesday, April 25, armed with automatic weapons, law enforcement officers have spent seizure of documents, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to two sources close to the Bank. The news Agency said that investigations had been completed by 16:00 GMT.

According to one source, the law enforcement agencies were interested in the documents connected with activity of one of clients of Bank — the company “Orgmontazhproekt”.

Information about the investigation confirmed the employee of management of the Affairs of ivy Bank. She said that the organization of the staff came to the TFR. “It was up to ten people: investigators, and their accompanying law enforcement officers with guns. Came around 11:00, left at 16:00. There was a seizure of documents at two of our customers whose accounts were closed in 2014,” — said the representative of the Bank.

In this case the interviewee could not confirm or deny the information that investigatory actions concerned the companies “Orgmontazhproekt”. In the “Orgmontazhproekt” said that I can not yet comment on the actions of the TFR.

One of the shareholders of ivy Bank is the Advisor to President Vladimir Putin on the Internet Herman Klimenko: he owns directly 3,8%, 6% related to the company “3dn’yus”.

In addition, among the Bank’s shareholders are the former President of the United shipbuilding Corporation and former adviser to the President of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin Roman Trotsenko (now co-owner of the airport holding “Novaport”) and Deputy Director of public-political broadcasting “First channel” Oleg Volnov.

The main on the Internet: how business Herman Klimenko

He Klimenko said RNS that do not have the information about what is happening in ivy Bank. “I know nothing. I do not know the activity of the Bank”, — he stressed.