“Open Russia” has recognized the undesirable organization

Closed Russia

The General Prosecutor’s office acknowledged the undesirable on the territory of Russia, the three foreign non-governmental organizations, among which are registered in the UK organization of Mikhail Khodorkovsky “Open Russia”, the Institute of modern Russia (USA) of his son Pavel Khodorkovsky and the social network movement “Open Russia” (UK).

These organizations carry out on the territory of Russia “special programs and projects in order to discredit the results held in Russia elections, recognition of their results illegitimate,” reads the message of the Supervisory authority. “Their activities are aimed at instigating protests and destabilization of the political situation that poses a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state”, — said the Prosecutor’s office.

The law on undesirable organizations was signed by the President in may 2015. If NGOs will continue their work after the ban, it can be fined up to 100 thousand rubles For participation in the work of the undesirable organization are punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to six years. Entities that cooperate with such an organization may be denied entry to the territory of Russia. Unwanted organizations are prohibited to hold mass actions to establish and manage media. Other publications can be distributed “informational materials” NGOs and banks are prohibited to cooperate with the organization.

“The law was adopted specifically under the “Open Russia” and the performance should be dedicated to our all-Russian protest “Tired”. All this in order to intimidate, of course. No idea how they will perform once invented a lawless law”, — said the press-Secretary of Khodorkovsky Kyle Piispanen. She confirmed that the “Open Russia” is a legal entity in the UK.

Earlier, the “Open Russia” has declared that April 29 will be sent to foster Vladimir Putin’s treatment and asked him not to nominate his candidacy in the elections in 2018. “The main objective of the action #tired — by official written statements to demand from it the observance of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in particular the principle of change of power,” explained the organizers. Law enforcement has warned Russians from participation in the event.

The ban will not affect

In England from November 2015 is a private company with limited liability Otkrytaya Rossia, was established in new Jersey, the Institute of modern Russia Pavel Khodorkovsky. The head of the company Natalia Suchkova. The firm was established to “promote human rights in Russia”, “support of political prisoners”, “promote transparent and independent elections,” etc., follows from its Charter. The second organization, which is specified in the message of the Prosecutor General (Open Russia Civic Movement, Open Russia) is not in the British registry of legal entities. But in 2002 in England was registered as a company Open Russia Foundation, which is now called Future Of Russia Foundation.

In Russia there is a social-networking movement “Open Russia”, whose Chairman after Khodorkovsky was elected Alexander Soloviev. Movement exists only in Russia, said the representative of press service Maria Galitskaya. Also in Russia is a revision of the eponymous website, the activity of which movement is not the problem, she added. Mikhail Khodorkovsky in his Twitter account wrote that the ban will not affect the operation of the movement because “it’s Russian”.

Now “Open Russia” — “is an unregistered public movement, functioning according to the law,” said the head of the human rights direction of movement Maria Baronova. “Deny us not. We function as individuals, to communicate with each other. To recognize unwanted physical entity — it is a wrong act against a citizen of Russia”, — she explained. Baronova has not excluded that in the near future against the decision of the Prosecutor General. “In Russia the movement has no accounts, not carries out an economic activity and operates in a format that does not require registration with the Ministry of justice, noted in a conversation with Solovyov. — It’s in the message is about the British ulicah that we do not get any funding and they did not work.”

Chief editor of the website “Open Russia” Veronica Kutsyllo said that the decision of the General Prosecutor’s office “will not affect the operation of the website and its editorial policy.” “The website is a foreign organization and not among organizations recognized unwanted. As a public organization “Open Russia”, located in Russia. It is also not recognized as undesirable,” said Kutsyllo.

In Russia there is still one legal entity with the same name interregional public organization “Open Russia” which, according to the unified state register of legal entities was registered in 2003. Among the co-owners specified the former head of Yukos. As follows from base “SPARK-Interfax”, the organization virtually ceased its activities, but not officially eliminated.

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Khodorkovsky himself stated that the recent events will not affect plans to hold a rally on 29 April: “for such a reaction, people will be more motivated. I am a citizen of Russia, to my personal activities, this decision will have no effect. The rest is purely technical questions detail.”

The decision of the Prosecutor General will allow law enforcement agencies to quickly close the regional branches of “Open Russia” across the country, said the lawyer of the international human rights organization “Agora” Vitaly Cherkasov. “As a result, the organization will completely cease operations. On the other hand, our NGOs have many times driven into a corner that they have learned to get out of the situation”, — said Cherkasov. He believes that the decision of the Supervisory authority associated with the active promotion of the opposition rally “fed up” scheduled for April 29. “If “Open Russia” will change its name and structure, it will be possible to work again — until the authorities will understand, while accumulate material,” the lawyer added.

Wednesday, March 26, at the meeting of the Federation Council, the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika, in his presentation pointed out that on the territory of Russia is deemed undesirable seven foreign NGOs, some of which are “seeking regime change in Russia by illegal means”. “Last year, unwanted recognized the work of the three foreign organizations from the United States: the National democratic Institute for international Affairs, the International Republican Institute and the Fund investing in media development. The objectives of their work in our country was initiating the change of power by unconstitutional means, attempts to influence from the United States to the authorities of the Russian Federation”, — said Chaika.

With the participation of Alexey Gavrilko-Alekseeva, Galina Kazakunova, Elena Smirnova, Ivan Tkachev, Maria Istomina