Putin has ruled out the relocation of the buildings power

“The goal is to improve the living conditions of the people living in ramshackle houses, built in the middle of the last century. Of course this should be done in such a way, such tools and means that do not violate the rights of citizens,” said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the government, the correspondent .

He noted that all proposals for resettlement should include “voluntary agreement” to the new conditions. “I repeat again — no need to impose by force, and the rights of citizens should be fully respected,” — said the President. He instructed the government to ensure the passage of a law that provided, and stressed that other document, do not sign.

The document should be developed “in the public dialogue,” said Putin.

In late February, Putin in a conversation with the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin has supported the idea of demolition of five-story building in Moscow. We are talking about the demolition of 25 million square meters of housing (8 th house), home to 1.6 million people. The interviewed participants of the construction market estimated budget costs for implementation of the program of renovation of the housing Fund of Moscow 2.5-3 trillion rubles on 20 April a bill on the demolition of the Moscow five-story building was approved in the state Duma in the first reading. The law gives the authorities broad powers of the renovation of old housing stock. It is the capital city authorities will define a series, and addresses of homes to be demolished. The vote of the residents to include their homes in the first provisional list for demolition will be held from 15 may to 1 July. First in line for demolition are considered houses of the series I-510 I-511 I-515.

Authorities met with residents of Khrushchev

On 26 April at a meeting with residents of the areas Ryazanskiy and Kuz’minki Sobyanin said that the Moscow authorities are unable to guarantee that all citizens who do not want to move to another area, an apartment in the same area. As reported yesterday, the newspaper “Kommersant”, the Moscow government has selected 150 sites (mostly in the East and South-East of Moscow) for the construction of homes, which will be given to residents of demolished five-story building.