Russia was below Kyrgyzstan and Uganda in the ranking of press freedom

The organization “reporters without borders” published an annual ranking of press freedom. Like a year ago, Russia ranked 148 in place of the 180. Above Russia was, in particular, countries such as Kyrgyzstan (89th place in the rating) and Uganda (112th place).

The rating’s authors point out that the leading NGOs in Russia labeled as “foreign agents”, “more and more bloggers are in prison for their posts in social media”, Russian TV channels “filled with propaganda”, and for those trying to develop high-quality journalism or to challenge the Patriotic and conservative agenda, “climate” becomes “increasingly repressive”.

In General, the press freedom situation in Russia is “Reporters without borders” as “complex”.

The first four places are occupied by Nordic countries — Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark.

In the first ten there are only two non-European countries — Costa Rica and Jamaica (6th and 8th place in the rating).

The UK is a 40-th place in the ranking, and the US — 43.

From the former Soviet Union is best with freedom of the press, according to the rating, the situation in Estonia — 12th place. The most serious problems in this area Tajikistan — 178-e a place. The last 180-th place in the ranking of the DPRK.

Press freedom index is a list of 180 countries ranked according to the “level of freedom of local journalists.”

It is based on the analysis of the responses of journalists, lawyers and sociologists from various countries on issues of special questionnaires developed by the organization. The questionnaire covered a wide range of topics related to the work of journalists — legislation, self-censorship, independence of media, pluralism of opinions, the willingness of various institutions and agencies working with journalists, and so on.

In addition, the assessment takes into account a number of additional criteria such as the number of murders of journalists the number of journalists detained and the number of victims of the prosecution of bloggers and assistants to journalists.

Since the beginning of 2017 in the world was killed eight journalists, indicate that the drafters of the rating. Of the eight murders of journalists recorded three in Mexico, two in Iraq, one in Syria, one in Afghanistan and one in Russia. The authors of the rating mean the death of a journalist and one of the founders of the newspaper “New Petersburg” Nikolay Andrushchenko, who died April 19 after a beating and stay in a medical coma in a hospital in St. Petersburg. Andrushchenko went the evening of 9 March, a business meeting, and on the night of March 10, was found with traumatic brain injury. He died, without regaining consciousness.

Chief editor of the “New Petersburg” Denis Usov believes that the journalist was attacked because of “critical articles” in the newspaper. According to him, recently in the newspaper coverage of protests “show the struggle with corruption”, and also published the memoirs of journalist Dmitry zapolski links “gangster Petersburg” with the city authorities in the 1990s.

Three journalists from Russia serving time in prison, according for 2016. This is the journalist of the edition “Caucasian knot” Galaalti Giray (sentenced to three years in prison on charges of illegal possession of drugs), journalist Alexander Sokolov (arrested in June 2015 in the case of the organization of an extremist organization, the court is not completed) and Rostov journalist Alexander Tolmachov, in November 2014 sentenced to nine years of imprisonment in a colony for extortion amounting to more than 10 million rubles.).

All three journalists insist that the reason for their criminal prosecution actually was a professional activity.

In addition, the rating mentions a blogger from Tyumen Alexey Kungurov, who in December 2016, has received 2,5 years of a colony for “public justification of terrorism”. The criminal case against kungurova was initiated in March because of a post in “Live journal” with the headline “Who really bombed the falcons Putin,” in which the blogger was criticizing the actions of the Russian army in Syria.