The number of issued cards “the World” has reached 5 million units.

Moscow. April 24. The number of cards issued by Russian banks cards, “Peace” reached 5 million units, according to a press release by the National system of payment cards (nvqs).

“The map released more than 70 banks and accepted by over 95% of terminals and ATMs with cash withdrawal function”, – stated in the message. It also notes that on the basis of the card now being developed non-financial services that will enable the integration of transport, social, campus and other applications.

As previously reported, in the autumn of NBTS plans to launch a loyalty program by cards “the World”. The press release notes that cash back under this program will amount to 10-20%.

The national payment card system, which is the operator of the system, was established by the Russian authorities in 2014 after a number of Russian banks fell under the American sanctions, and international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, subject to the requirements of the USA stopped serving cards issued by these banks. NBTS announced the beginning of issue of its first card “the World” December 15, 2015.