The US has stated there are no plans to put Kim Jong UN on his knees

The American government has no plans to put the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN on his knees. This was during the congressional hearing said the head of the Pacific command of the US forces Harry Harris, reports Bloomberg.

So the Admiral commented on the beginning of the operation of the USA on placing on the territory of South Korea of a missile defense system THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) medium range.

“In the framework of confrontation of the North Korean threat is very important that the United States had clear plans both publicly and privately to bring Kim Jong-UN in a sense, and not to put him on his knees,” said Harris, adding that Washington has no purpose “to overthrow the regime of North Korean leader”.

The Admiral said that the authorities “should consider all existing measures that could protect the US and its allies.” Speaking about the deployment of a missile complex rolling land-based to intercept medium-range missiles THAAD in South Korea, he said that it will be launched “in the coming days.”

According to the official statement of the Ministry of defense of South Korea, the installation will be fully deployed THAAD on the Korean Peninsula until the end of the year. The individual objects of the system have already been delivered to the place of their planned deployment to the South of the country.

The United States began to deploy a system natmosphere of intercepting ballistic missiles, THAAD in early March. This happened immediately after the next launch by North Korea of ballistic missiles.

Missiles launched from complex mobile-based THAAD is capable of intercepting flying high speed targets at a distance of 200 km at an altitude of 150-200 km.