Experts of Rostekhnadzor called the new cause of the accident at the mine “Severnaya”

The expert Commission under the RTN created to investigate the causes of last year’s accident on mine “Northern” (belongs “Severstal” Alexey Mordashov) in the city of Vorkuta, within a month will be sent to Rostekhnadzor report prepared in the framework of dorassledovaniya this incident, which killed miners and rescuers, said the head of the Commission Dmitry Mescheryakov. According to him, the Commission when conducting dorassledovaniya found numerous violations of safety rules at the mine. She also found that the cause of the accident was the human factor. The Commission and the UK had not yet completed its investigation, said Meshcheryakov.

As explained by Mescheriakov, cause dorassledovaniya was the position of the Investigative Committee, which is also conducting an investigation in connection with the tragedy and did not accept previously submitted by Rostechnadzor to the act of technical investigation. The SC did not respond to a request . The Commission and the UK still have completed their investigation, said Meshcheryakov.

The accident at the Pivnichna mine was on the 25th of February 2016. As a result of several explosions killed 36 miners and trying to help the rescuers. Over the last decade, she became the second in the number of victims after the accident at the Raspadskaya mine (belongs Evraz group) in may 2010 that killed more than 90 people.

Initially, the watchdog has said it is the natural cause of the accident. However, in August 2016, technical Commission investigating the accident, found that the human factor also took place. “The accident was the consequence of a combination of both natural and human factors, and any likely version of the accident is associated with a particular violation of the regulations on the conduct of individual works, i.e. only a natural disaster could not cause this accident”, — said Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich at a meeting with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

As said Meshcheryakov, an explosion at the mine resulted in “the human factor at all levels”. He added that the priority version of “having a lot of evidence”, is the explosion of a methane-air mixture, which was caused by a malfunction of vzryvozaschischennaya equipment. That the cause of the accident was the human factor, says a member of the expert Committee Dmitry pale. “Yes, the natural factor is not due,” he said.

Exploring sensors and seismic stations neighbouring the mine (station “Severnaya” mine broke two weeks before the accident), the experts came to the conclusion that the cause of the accident was not a mountain strike, and the explosion in a mined-out space. “The explosion from the point of view of seismic sensors, the event is weak, and they could not fix,” said Meshcheryakov.

With regard to violations of safety standards at the mine, the experts of Rostechnadzor found abnormal operation of the ventilation system, or incorrect installation of the sensors, the involvement of incompetent employees on the outsourcing and other mine Workers, these facts were ignored.

Severstal cooperates in the investigation of the tragedy as a Commission of Rostechnadzor, and with the Investigative Committee, said the representative of “Severstal”. According to him, the company has provided the Commission with their position and all necessary information on the activities of the companies “Vorkutaugol”, which belongs to the “North”. “The Commission has yet to establish a causal relationship between the identified violations and occurred by accident. Therefore, we believe that any conclusions are premature. The accident at the “North” is a terrible tragedy for the whole team “Severstal”. We will continue to work on improving safety in the industry and undertake all efforts so that such tragedies do not recur,” said a company spokesman, adding that the assessment of the work and the level of remuneration of executives in the company depends on the security of production enterprises.

The accident at the Pivnichna mine in the Komi Republic has managed “Severstal” in $71.5 million, reported Vedomosti. The flooding of the mine had spent 500 million rubles, while it still has some equipment for $62 million, $2 million “Severstal” has spent on payments to families and victims.