In “Open Russia” came to search

In the “Open Russia” are searched, said the employee of the human rights direction of the “Open Russia” Paulina Nemirovsky. The coordinator of the movement Maria Baronova, in conversation with has confirmed the fact of searches in the office of the “Open Russia”.

“At 16:00 on the entrance of the building, where the office, went about three dozen people. Among them riot police, the police, witnesses and civil. Passed on the fifth floor. I’m waiting for a lawyer,” she said.

About searches in “Open Russia” according to his Twitter account and the movement’s founder Mikhail Khodorkovsky.


In the office of the movement, the security forces inspected the scene after a call to 02 on storage of extremist materials, said the Chairman of the “Open Russia” Alexander Soloviev.

April 26, the Prosecutor General’s office acknowledged was in the UK organization “Open Russia” undesirable on the territory of Russia. Moreover, the unwanted was recognized by two foreign non-governmental organization: “the Institute of modern Russia” (USA) son of Khodorkovsky Paul and the social network movement “Open Russia” (UK).

The activities of these organizations, according to the Agency, “aimed at instigating protests and destabilization of the political situation”.

“Open Russia” admitted “junk organization” Video: Channel

Later the official representative of the Prosecutor General Aleksandr Kurennoy said that the recognition of the “Open Russia” junk organization for the British organization “Open Russia” and will not affect the operation of the public network of movement organizations in Russia. “Our initiatives relate exclusively to companies registered in the UK,” he said.

Khodorkovsky, commenting on the eve of the decision of the Prosecutor General by the “Open Russia”, said that he was proud “hit the sanctions list”.