Knowledge in credit: where to find money for tuition

In December 2016, Russia had suspended the program of state support of educational credits, through which you can get loan for studies on preferential terms — 1/4 refinancing rate plus 5 percentage points (at the time it gave 7.5% per annum). In his comments to the press service of the Ministry of education reported that the Agency has made changes to the regulations governing payment of educational loans under the program of state support. For the preparation of the new regulation action program was suspended, however, in the second quarter of this year will it restart. The spokesman also stressed that plans to reduce funding for the program at the Ministry of education no.

Meanwhile, the demand for borrowed funds for the education of Russians is stored, according to bankers surveyed . Thus, the representative of the press service of the Ural Bank for reconstruction and development notes that of conventional consumer loans to approximately 5% of all queries — loans for education. As the analyst of Bank “home Credit” Stanislav Duginski said that, according to the latest customer survey, the proportion of respondents who want this year to take out a loan for education amounted to 1.2%.

As to educational loan with state support has decided to find out which banks and at what rates you can arrange a trust loan for education, as well as what potential students there are alternatives for education in Russia and abroad.

Education loan

Of the 40 largest banks by volume of retail loan portfolio (Frank Research Group) proposals for the targeted loans for education found only two credit institutions. So, the postal Bank offers a product “Knowledge is power” for the sum from 50 thousand to 2 million rubles. the base rate for this loan is 27.9% per annum, but the design of the program with insurance protection, it is reduced to 14.9% per annum. However, the insurance will cost of 0.29% of the sum insured, which is 110% of the loan amount. While training is paid only the interest on the loan, and the principal debt to repay after graduation. For comparison: the consumer loan in the same Bank can also take it with a rate of 16.9% per annum.

Credit Europe Bank loan for education can be issued at a rate of 28.9 per cent per annum for a period of six, nine or 12 months. Software on it, and the insurance the Bank requires, but to repay the loan will have to start immediately — no grace period provided. The head of the Directorate of consumer credit the Credit Europe of Bank Ilsur Gibadullin emphasizes that today the Bank actively provides loans to pay for courses of a foreign language in schools-partners. “The interest rate on the credit depends on the partner organization with which the client wants to conclude a contract on training, on average it is 28% per annum,” he says. In this issue the usual consumer loan in Credit Europe Bank under 14-28% per annum.

Such a moderate supply in the market of educational loans CEO Frank Research Group Yuri Gribanov explains precisely the suspension of the programme. “Without the support of this segment can not develop. Long-term loans must have a minimum rate even below the mortgage”, — says the expert. In addition, the student loan is a risky loan for the Bank because it is unsecured. “According to the proposed rates, the current programs are not appealing. It turns out that people face a dilemma: to take the consumer credits or educational credits,” says Gribanov.

Bankers interviewed from the top 40 organizations in the portfolio of retail loans also note that to take a usual consumer loan in the current circumstances, profitable. “According to our observations, a number of clients prefer to get a cash loan than a loan for educational purposes, says head of development of credit products of the Bank Anastasia Krasnikova. — Interest rates on unsecured loans in the context of a General reduction of interest rates in the market has reached a comfortable level”.

Deputy Director of the Institute of financial planning Sergei Makarov adds that if a potential borrower applying for consumer credit in the Bank in which he framed the salary project, he can obtain a loan on more favorable terms than third-party customers of the Bank. In some cases, the benefit is 1-2 PPT

As noted Krasinikova, consumer cash loan you can use at their discretion. At the disposal of the borrower all funds, the loan amount can be more and used for accommodation, training materials etc. the Expert also noted that an important feature of the target credit for education necessity each semester to provide information on progress, that is about absence of debts on the results of the session. This is another disadvantage of the trust loan compared to the normal consumer.

Grants for smart

Russians wishing to obtain higher or further education abroad, even more difficult. Target loans for study abroad of the interviewed banks do not issue. Lending abroad for Russians today is almost impossible. Partner Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov explains that for foreign banks to make loans to borrowers in other countries is a high risk, since credit institutions in this situation it is difficult to ensure refund.

However, in Russia, in the fourth year of the state program “Global education”, the operator of which is the Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO. In the framework of a Russian citizen can receive from the Federal budget the grant for tuition and accommodation abroad. The program includes five areas that are most in demand in Russia: training of engineering staff (including the IT industry), medical personnel, pedagogical, scientific staff and administrative personnel in the social sphere. However, the program applies only to three levels of training: postgraduate and residency. Thus, unlike loans, grants are distributed on a competitive basis.

The size of the grant per person per year amounts to 2, 7 million rubles which Is slightly more than $47 thousand at the current rate (57,25 rubles per dollar). “For three years the winners of the program were about 500 people, — says head of Department of projects and practices of the “Young professionals” ASI Ksenia Andreeva. — Originally planned a larger number of participants”. According to her, the volume of grants issued was influenced by the sharp rise in foreign currency rate at the end of 2014. Since the grant amount was 1.4 million rubles. per year, this money was not enough to cover educational programs are not even in the most popular countries and universities, says Andreyev.

According to the expert, everyone who wants to participate in this program can register on the website “Global education” and to stand in the electronic part of the specific set. Until the end of the competitive selection need to attach all necessary documents, including confirmation from the University on the receipt. Next on the programme’s Supervisory Council decision of the participants of the grant.

In the framework of “Global education” students leave to study mostly in the UK and the USA, where according to areas of training educational program is the strongest. It is important that if after graduation the citizen does not return to him a penalty of three times the volume of the amount of the grant.

Talented young scientists and students in master’s degree programs may also receive a grant of a foreign University. “Grants often give American and European universities (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands), USA, — says development Director of the company StarAcademy Maria saginova. In these European countries is possible even a free bachelor, provided that the Studen willing to learn the language of this country.”

So how to win a scholarship — not an easy task, the students often go to study on exchange from the University or for its own account, shares observations saginova. According to statistics StarAcademy, in UK University tuition costs an average of €16 thousand per year, U.S. $20 thousand, Canada — an average of $15 thousand per year, China is about $10 thousand In the European countries prices are lower in Spain and Italy it will cost around €7-8 million per year, total saginova.