Sberbank and VTB24 have limited the number of branches from common bonds

Wednesday, April 26 — the first day of placement “people” OFZ in the period from 9:00 to 12:00, the reporter visited the four Bank branches that act as agents for the sale of these securities to citizens (Sberbank and VTB24 — by two branches of each Bank) in the center of Moscow and find out how easy and quickly you can buy BFL.

In the offices of Sberbank (to the address: Petrovsky Boulevard, building 23, Lubyansky proezd, 17) observed queue. However, as it turned out, not for BFL. To the question whether it is possible to buy OFZ, among the people standing in line, no one responded.

But it turned out that willing to buy OFZ served outside the General queue as premium clients, using the appropriate infrastructure (a separate room, specially trained staff). However, the infrastructure for premium clients is not available in all offices of Sberbank. In Moscow such offices 120, across the country 613, specified in a press-service. Only there you can buy BFL.

Give Homeland in debt and have started selling “people” bond

When referring to the employees of “Sberbank Premier” (the so-called premium service) to the questions on the “popular” BFL were given a detailed explanation. According to an employee of the Bank, the potential buyer is “popular” OFZ in the face of the reporter was the first at that time for that office. A similar response was given and in the second branch of Sberbank.

In the offices of VTB24 (address: Myasnitskaya 35, Sadovaya-Sukharevskaya, 8/12 D., p. 3) also observed queue. And also not for the OFZ. As Sberbank, VTB24 for those wishing to buy OFZ for the population is provided a separate service, outside the General queue.

However, he, too, is not in all offices of VTB24. As reported in the call center of the Bank, to buy BFL for the people in the offices offering investment products. A list of such units, the call center operator couldn’t specify, saying that they have to be considered manually. On the website of the Bank so no detail. You can select the units for individuals with premium programs, but as assure call center, a branch of the frequent flyer programs does not specify the opportunity to buy OFZs. However, another operator in the same call center of VTB 24 said that Moscow 106 Bank branches, where to buy BFL. As reported in the press service of VTB24 to buy the OFZ-n customers must contact one of 667 offices of the Bank in the format of “Privilege” and Private Banking. Full list of offices that provide the investment services listed on the website of the Bank.

In the other two branches of VTB24, which the correspondent visited as a potential buyer of Federal loan bonds for people to communicate on this issue was taken to a separate negotiation. The Bank representative spoke in detail about this product, thoroughly considered the profitability depending on the amount and term of the investment. On the question of whether a lot of wishing, he said: it was a lot of hot line calls and calls from clients who already have a brokerage account with the Bank (such account is required for the purchase of securities, including “folk” OFZ).

As in the savings Bank, two branches of VTB24, the Bank’s employees on the question of whether people come for the BFL, said: you first.