“System” will alter the old PBX in Moscow apart-hotels

“System” will alter the old PBX in Moscow apart-hotels

Instead of ATS

Building 20-30 of the former ATS in Moscow, owned by AFK “System” can be reconstructed in apart-hotels with a total of 70-80 rooms with an area of about 30 sq. m. this was told by a source close to the VAO “Intourist” (manages hotel assets of AFK “System”). A source close to the management of AFK Sistema, confirmed the information about the respective plans of the company.

“Now worked out the concept in the near future it is planned to choose pilot objects”, — explained in “Intourist”. According to him, for the management of apart-hotels must be created by a private management company, opening the first two or three apart-hotels can be held in a year, on the eve of the world championship on football of 2018.

The amount of the investments in apart-hotels by the representative of AFK “Sistema” did not disclose. Vice President Becar Asset Management Group (manages apart-hotel “Vertical” in Saint-Petersburg) Ilya Andreev estimates the cost of one room at least 5 million rubles. Thus, investment in a facility with 80 rooms will be 400 million rubles., calculated .

To recoup investments planned in about a decade, said a source close to the VAO “Intourist”. According to him, the apartments are planned to rent for a period of one month, however, “if there is a corresponding demand from corporate customers”, then considered and the option of daily delivery. The rate will be about 20% above the average price of rent of one-bedroom apartments in the area, the source said .

“System” owns one of the largest in size of the room stock of hotel chains in Russia — more than 3.7 million, according to the company. Almost half of this Fund falls in the “Cosmos” hotel in Moscow (1771).

Belonging to the AFC the building of ATS in Moscow was built in the 1960-1970-ies and ceased to be used after in the early 2010s, owned by AFC MGTS switched to GPON. The AFC has considered a range of options from conversion of the hotel to a complete demolition and construction in the liberated areas of housing. The redevelopment of the first objects took part in the AFC, the company “Leader-invest”, on the site which indicates that it had a portfolio of 26 residential projects, of which five are in operation. All of them, except one, are built on the basis of the former ATS.

In 2016, the activists of the movement “Arhnadzor” opposed the destruction of the owned by AFC ATS Taganskaya Pokrovsky Boulevard, arguing that the building, built in the style of constructivism should be recognized as an architectural monument. However, “Leader-invest” ATS demolished and is now building in its place an apartment complex of a premium class.

The building Tagansky telephone station

Photo: Sergey Bobylev / TASS

More than housing

The format of apart-hotels best suited for the reconstruction of telephone exchanges as they are small in size, whereas for the classical three-star hotel optimal volume of 120-150 rooms, the Director of Department of consulting of company Knight Frank Olga Shirokova. The format of apart-hotel demand in the market, she said. “Normal yields in the rental market of apartments is 3-5%, while the return of apart-hotel service can reach 10%,” — said Shirokov.

Niche apartments for rent in Moscow are still free, and available facilities show a high occupancy rate, draws the attention of the managing partner of Colliers International Nikolay Kazansky. In the capital, only two complexes, apart-hotels in the business segment, he recalls. They are run by professional international operators — Adagio and Marriott International. The cost of living in them is significantly higher than can be found in objects AFK — Adagio it is 180 thousand rubles per month.

The most famous apart hotels in ekonomsegmente — “Hanoi-Moscow” and Yes, says Kazan. Both are located near the MKAD. “Pioneer” is planning to build another Yes in the structure of TPU “Botanical garden”. At the same time for a quicker return on investment “pioneer” not only rents apartments to rent, but also sell.

Also the intention to develop the market of rental houses, said the Agency. Over the past year for these purposes, the Agency bought 81.7 thousand square meters in the LCD “Liner” and “Symbol” in the IFC’s Match Point, wrote earlier .

The tourist capital

The popularity of apart-hotels are also a common situation in the hotel market. According to the Moscow authorities, the tourist flow to Moscow in 2016 compared to the previous year increased by 2.5% to 17.5 million people, in 2018, the capital is waiting for 19.5 million guests. This growth is projected including in connection with a major sports event in 2017 the city will host matches of the confederations Cup, and 2018 world Cup football.

Thus, according to the consulting company Cushman & Wakefield, of the 50 thousand numbers in Moscow, only 17.7 thousand (i.e. about one third) are in quality branded hotels. Of them to the economy class are only 1.5 thousand By the end of 2017, the number of such rooms shall not exceed 2 thousand, analysts predict. The occupancy rate of hotels of economy class in the first quarter of 2017 62.8 vs. 58% for the same period last year, according to a report by Cushman & Wakefield (have).

The project AFK “System” will be “in high demand”, says Ilya Andreev. However, according to his estimates, if the company is to sell apartments, but only to lease them, the payback of investments into the project will make not less than 15 years.