The General staff announced the creation of the United States the “hidden” component for a possible strike

The American missile defence system (BMD) can intercept Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles. This was stated by first Deputy head of the main operations Directorate of the General staff of Russia General-Lieutenant Victor Pozniki during the conference in Moscow, reports .

“Funds of a missile defense system the US today have the potential to intercept Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles and are a threat to the strategic nuclear forces of Russia and China. In the future, these capabilities will increase,” said Pesnihi.

Also, according to the Deputy head of the General staff, Washington has all the possibilities for the application of covert nuclear strike on Russia. On this note the military leadership indicate a us missile defense base located in Europe.

“The presence of us missile bases in Europe ships ABOUT in the seas and oceans areas close to Russian territory, creates a powerful hidden component of shock for the possible application of sudden nuclear missile attack by the Russian Federation”, — said the representative of the General staff.

According to Russian estimates, by 2022 the number of missiles of the US missile defense system will be more than thousands of units. As noted earlier, Poznai, Russia has to take retaliatory measures to the deployment of missile defense systems. He did not specify that it will take the country’s leadership, but noted that the response will be adequate and aimed at the security of the country. “But safer this world will not” — said the Deputy head of the General staff.

Since the beginning of March, the United States began to deploy to South Korea complexes of its missile defense system — THAAD. According to the head of the Pacific command of the US forces Harry Harris, the system will be launched “in the coming days.”