The ruble has retreated from the morning highs amid stabilization in oil prices

Moscow. April 25. The U.S. dollar and the Euro increased on the Moscow stock exchange on Tuesday afternoon; the ruble declines against the currency basket on the background of stabilization of oil prices.

The US dollar made up 56,33 rubles/$1 in the 15:00 GMT, which is 17.8 kopecks above the closing level of the previous trading session. While the Euro was worth 60,99 rubles/EUR1, adding 23.5 penny. The cost of the currency basket ($0.55 and EUR0,45) rose by 20.3 cents, to 58,26 ruble.

At the end of the index session of the Moscow exchange (part of the session dollar calculations “tomorrow” in the period from 10:00 p.m.-11:30 GMT) the Bank of Russia lowered the official rate of the dollar on April 26 by 23.41 cents, to 55,85 rubles/$1, and lowered the Euro by 5.3 cents, to 60,79 RUB./EUR1.

According to experts of “Interfax-CEA”, the ruble declines against the dollar and Euro in afternoon trading Tuesday amid stabilization in oil prices and also due to a decrease in demand for ruble liquidity on the part of exporting companies after falling on April 25, some taxes (VAT, mineral extraction tax and excise duties). Waiting for the results of Friday’s meeting of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which can be again lowered the key interest rate, also do not allow the bidders to continue to increase long positions on the ruble.

Oil prices stabilized on Tuesday after declining more than 7% in the previous six sessions. The cost of June futures for Brent crude on the London ICE Futures exchange to 15:00 Moscow time has risen on 0,04% – to $51,62 per barrel. Futures price for WTI crude oil for June on the electronic trading on the new York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX) decreased by this time by 0.12% to $49,17 per barrel.