In China and Europe talked about the negotiations on the joint “moon village”

The Secretary-General of the China national space administration (CNSA) Ulun Chan said that Beijing is negotiating with the European space Agency (ESA) on the construction of “lunar village”. It is reported by the government newspaper China People’s Daily.

This information was confirmed by PAL Hvistendahl, head of media relations for the European space Agency, reports Bloomberg.

“The Chinese already have a very ambitious lunar program. The space has changed since the days of the space race in the 1960-ies. We understand that engaged in international cooperation to explore space for peaceful purposes”, — quotes the edition.

The European Agency CEO Johann-Dietrich wörner said that “lunar village” may in the future become a platform for sending missions to Mars. It can also help the development of space tourism and even mining on the moon.

The approximate time frame of the project “moonlit village” hand said.

China began to develop its own space program in 1956 and launched the first satellite in 1970. In 2011 China launched its own space station. April 22 this year, the first spacecraft of China”, Tenjo-1″ docked with the space laboratory module “Tiangong-2”.

Beijing is also planning a mission to Mars. As announced on 30 January the Deputy head of the CNSA Wu Yanhua, the first probe is expected to launch by 2020. In addition, the plans of Beijing to explore the Jupiter system and its surrounding asteroids.