Market capitalization of crypto-currencies exceeded $30 billion

Market capitalization of crypto-currencies exceeded $30 billion

Moscow. April 25. Market capitalization 100 cryptocurrencies tracked Coin Market Cap – volume available for trading digital funds first exceeded $30 billion: on April 25 capitalization the hundreds of $of 30.87 billion.

In this group, as already promoted bitcoin, Ethereum (ethereum), Ripple and Dash and significantly less well-known names.

According to the website Coin Market Cap, bitcoin (BTC) remains the undisputed leader – capitalization of more than $20.6 billion, monthly trading volume of almost $9 billion market Capitalization Ethereum, which occupies 2-e a place, is significantly lower – about $4.5 billion.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the market price of the leading cryptocurrency had exceeded the capitalization of Twitter Inc. and now is almost half the capitalization of Netflix Inc.

Since the beginning of this year, many cryptocurrency sharp rose as investors used them as exotic option hedging transactions in the traditional markets, said founder and CEO CryptoCompare Charles Hayter. His company track the dynamics of cryptocurrency and analyzes the main trends in this industry.

Trading volume in China continues to decline due to the tightening of the position of the official Beijing, however, this reduction kompensiruet adding new platforms, including in countries such as India and Venezuela.

Bitcoin rose on Tuesday by 3.1%, to $1262, according to the Coin Market Cap.