The experts complained about “hiding” data on balances in Bank accounts

Since February, the Bank of Russia has ceased to publish on its website the full balance sheets of Russian banks, than the “spoiled life of a professional Bank analysts”, wrote today in a review of the Higher school of Economics “Comments on the state and business” (.pdf) leading expert of development Center HSE Dmitriy Miroshnichenko. Talking about the changes in the data on the so-called form 101, published monthly. In March, these changes drew the attention of the portal then the Bank told analysts that he no longer “see” in the data array of the Central Bank, in particular, information about the balances in customer accounts of election funds of natural persons and executors of the state defense order.

If earlier in statements of Bank accounts of organizations under Federal or other public property, and accounts of non-governmental organizations have been broken down into financial, commercial or non-profit organizations, and other client tools separately, it was possible to see the rests of means of individual entrepreneurs, residents, etc., now, the Central Bank decided to “roll” the detail, and did it without any “announcement”, comments, or explanations noted under the heading “Opinion”. The press service of the Central Bank in late March confirmed that the order of placement of information in the accounts 405-408 was changed, and is explained by the fact that the old structure of the balance sheet accounts “could lead to information disclosure on the accounts of individual customers.”

The Central Bank has replaced the monthly reporting of banks to the “stripped-down” version for the period October 1, 2015. “It remains totally unclear what special happened in September 2015, after which data for the specified accounts in the balance sheets of commercial banks almost equal to the state secret”, — said Miroshnichenko. He argues that it is now more difficult to carry out “a full professional analysis of the financial condition of individual banks and the entire banking system as a whole.” For example, in some cases it is useful to segregate the funds of natural persons-residents from non-residents or accounts financial institutions non-financial, says the expert. The Bank of Russia did not explain in the response why the changes made for the period from October 1, 2015.

Deposit account, the Central Bank left as is, the changes affect current accounts, said the head of the Department of financial ratings of the National rating Agency Karina Artemiev. “Individuals’ funds on accounts of credit organizations is, as a rule, fixed-term money deposits. Their account wasn’t changed, and this is the most interesting thing to manage liquidity,” she said.

In the composition of the affected accounts used to be able to see balances on the conduct of elections and referendums (account 40811), the election funds of candidates (40810). On January 1, 2017 on these “selective” accounts in banks had only 22 million rubles., but on 1 September 2016 was more than 1 billion rubles (almost all — of the savings Bank; regional election commissions require the candidates to open election account in branches of the savings Bank, except when such there are no branches, as in the Crimea). These figures illustrate the “minimized” accounts received from one of the banking analysts.

Other “closed” account is a means of executors of the state defense order. Expert RAEX Yuri Belyakov said that “I heard a conspiracy theory that hides the state defense order,” but the big problem in the folding of such information, he sees analysts did not link this data directly with a financial condition of banks. “I would not say that this is a critical problem because it balances the first order (405-408) in the public reporting. Traditionally absolutely all banks about 90% of the rests on accounts of legal entities accounts for regular commercial enterprise. The idea of this analysts have plus there is all the historical data banks,” — said Belyakov.

“Of course, any restriction of the data is the narrowing of possibilities for analysis,” — said Artemyev. But, for example, the number of credit institutions, which means of executors of the state defense order can in principle be limited to, the list of such banks is small, and from the point of view of risk management analysts with more interesting liquidity in the system Bank balance, she says.

with the participation of Svetlana Dementieva