The former investigator in the Magnitsky case won a case against Dmitry Gudkov

Presnensky court of Moscow has collected 3 thousand roubles under the claim about protection of honor and dignity of a former investigator MIA Pavel Karpov to the ex-Deputy of the state Duma Dmitry Gudkov. Karpov demanded to recover from Gudkov 2 million rubles.

“The court satisfied the requirement Karpov acknowledged and specified in the claim the information is untrue and damaging to him and recovered from my principal of 3 thousand rubles”, — said the Agency “Interfax” lawyer Alisa Obraztsova, who represented the interests of Gudkov. She added that her client with the court of protection strongly disagree and will to challenge it.

A former investigator for “Magnitsky case Pavel Karpov has filed a suit about protection of honor and dignity against NTV and state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov in June 2015. The reason for going to court was the program “Iron lady” on April 14, 2013, in which Gudkov accused Karpov of involvement in the death of Magnitsky and the theft of 5.5 billion rubles as compensation for moral damage to a former investigator was required to recover from a policy of 2 million rubles.

Karpov also claimed that he has wrongly accused of purchasing the stolen money, expensive cars, luxury apartments and real estate abroad, and proof of purchase these assets were not provided.

According to the court, from the website of NTV, and from the page of TV channel on YouTube should be removed interview with Gudkov, which sounded became the reason for the claim phrase.

Gudkov, commenting on the decision of Presnensky court, said he did not agree with him. “I don’t care — 3 thousand rubles., or RUB 2 million I from its position not waive and intends to challenge this decision. Tactics challenge we will think along with my lawyer,” — said Gudkov.

Lawyer Gudkov claims that the judge made a decision “solely” on the basis of forensic examination of the Pushkin Institute, however, Obraztsova believes that the level of this examination does not allow to make such decisions.

Karpov decision of the court also intends to challenge. “I am pleased with the court’s decision. Two years after the commencement of the trials my demands are met, common Gudkov information recognized as false,” said Karpov, “Interfax”. According to Karpov, he was surprised by the amount of compensation he intends to appeal the decision of the court in this part of the solution.

“The Magnitsky Case”

The employee of investment Fund Hermitage Capital and a partner of British law firm Firestone Duncan Ltd Sergey Magnitsky died in a Moscow pre-trial detention on 16 November 2009. In jail he was due to accusations of tax evasion.

Colleagues Magnitsky’s Hermitage Capital and Firestone believe that Magnitsky was detained after he failed to uncover the corruption scheme, which involved some officials and police officers, including Pavel Karpov, who participated in the investigation of one of criminal cases involving Hermitage Capital.

4 June last year the Moscow city court ruled to collect from the Fund Hermitage Capital, William Browder and Jamison Firestone 8 million rubles. in favor of Karpov for his claim about protection of honor and dignity.

In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the so-called Magnitsky act. It provides for visa and financial sanctions against Russian officials involved, according to Washington, the death of Sergei Magnitsky and to other violations of human rights. Sergey Karpov included in this list.