The FSB has classified the response to a parliamentary inquiry about the property Medvedev

The Federal security service (FSB) responded to the request of the Deputy Rashkin from the Communist party to verify the information from the investigation of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) about the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The MP reported in his microblog on Twitter.

At the time of publication Valery Rashkin has not responded to calls .

Earlier in the parliamentary inquiry with the requirement to verify the facts stated in the investigation the FCO about Medvedev, Rashkin said the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), which he also addressed. As follows from the document of the RDS Rashkin posted on his Twitter page, the police did not find grounds for its own investigation into the activities of Medvedev. “Issues related to the competence of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, currently not available,” — said in the document.

Prior to this, April 18, the leadership of the Communist party faction, which is Rashkin, banned MP to ask a question Medvedev about the film about him took the FCO. The Deputy was planning to ask the Premier, how does he explain the facts of the movie “He’s not Dimon” during the annual meeting of the head of government with parliamentarians on 19 April. However, such an initiative Rashkin was not supported. Reasons Rashkin was not allowed to ask Medvedev about the facts of the investigation the FCO, Deputy head of the faction of the Communist Nikolai Kolomeitsev not explained.

“We have a right [decision], which we do not discuss with the media,” said the latter . To him one of the deputies of the state Duma, took part in the meeting of the leadership of the faction “United Russia” and Medvedev on April 11, said that he and his colleagues received the installation: “Hard questions not to ask”.

Despite this, during the meeting the Prime Minister with the parliamentarians indirect mention of the investigation of the FBC by the Communist party still sounded. Answering the question Kolomeytseva that prevents Medvedev “to defend itself against attacks Bulk”, he asked the Communists to refrain from discussing the actions of “political crooks”. “I have on this subject have been expressed, I can only say again to you: I will not have specific comment on completely false products political rogues and would consider that my dear faction of the Communist party of the Russian Federation needs to refrain from this,” — said Medvedev.

In early March the majority of deputies of the state Duma voted against an investigation into the facts of the movie “He’s not Dimon” and did not support the corresponding Protocol instructions prepared by the Communist party. Commenting on the position, the Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov said that “will not dance to the tune Bulk” because “his work has nothing to do with the fight against corruption”. According to Emelyanova, supporting Navalny, “the Communists just trying to hang on to the tail of the agenda”.

In early March, the Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has published an investigation, which refers to residences, farms and vineyards, which, as the authors of the investigation, in fact, belong to Dmitry Medvedev. The total value of real estate and land Medvedev, on which the learned FBK, was, according to the IMF estimates, 70 billion rubles.

Dmitry Medvedev in early April during his visit to the factory “Tambov bacon” called all the accusations against him were fabricated, the “dregs” made “on the basis of compote”.

To these words of the Prime Minister all the questions about the film FBK commented on his press Secretary Natalya Timakova. She stated that this film about Medvedev “has a pronounced pre-election character”.