The media learned about the Khudainatov plans to sell 25% NNK

The owner of an Independent oil and gas company (NOC) Eduard khudainatov proposed to the investors to purchase from 25% in the company, and the Khabarovsk oil refinery and several producing assets of the company. About this newspaper Vedomosti, citing two sources close to the seller and the potential buyer, as well as to relevant Federal officials.

Negotiations are underway with a wide range of investors, including international, said the sources. However, how much money PNC plans to gain from the transaction is unknown.

In the opinion of the Manager GL Asset Management Sergey Vakhrameev, NNK quite stable the company at current oil prices, it can be estimated approximately in $4 billion Sale of 25% shares, respectively, will be released in $1 billion.

BCS analyst Kirill Tachennikov in turn, noted that despite the loss of the Khabarovsk refinery from 2012 to 2015, last year received refinery 14.2 billion RUB of net profit. EBITDA of the plant is approximately $250-300 million a year, the plant could cost $1.5 billion, but its net debt of more than 64 billion rubles., said Tachennikov.

Vedomosti failed to contact NOC.

NOCS have had to sell assets. In April “Rosneft” has bought the company Eduard Khudainatov 100% of the company “Kondaneft” about 40 billion rubles (about $700 million at the exchange rate on April 11). “Kondaneft” develops Konda, West Urginsky, Chabrowski and new Inderski license areas in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. Stocks of this group of fields (2P) is 157 million tonnes of oil. Financial consultant of the transaction was VTB Bank.

Previously, “Vedomosti” reported that NOC for sale. VTB Chairman Andrey Kostin reported that the Bank is interested in expanding the number of shareholders of Independent oil and gas company. “In my opinion, the company is very promising and interesting. But is the company growing, and need investment to develop those opportunities that she has,” said Kostin.

Eduard khudainatov is considered an ally of CEO of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. Khudainatov was the head of “Rosneft” in 2010-2012, and then lost the post Sechin, after some time the first Vice-President.