“United Russia” did not recommend to compliment the government on may day

As informs television channel “Rain” with reference to its sources in the “United Russia”, April 21, General Council of the party has approved a list of 36 slogans that activists encouraged the use at celebrations on the First of may. Among the various topics there is no mention of the government and its leader Dmitry Medvedev, although the Prime Minister is the Chairman of “United Russia”.

Praise the activists invited President Vladimir Putin and his may decrees “Putin for the nation, Russia to success, he boldly lead!”, “May decrees said and done”. “A strong President — a great country!”.

Paid attention to the EP and patriotism: “we are Not afraid of sanctions, while in the unity of the nation!”. Socio-economic subjects are reflected in such slogans as “Young — job! Elderly — care!” or “Dead road to the dustbin of history!”.

Activists also proposed to support the idea of relocation to the far East: “In the far East I want hectare! Gonna go, not yet so old!”.

While not everyone in the party understand, why say the slogans above, and then offer to select from a list. So, the interlocutor of the channel in one of the regional offices of the EP complained that local activists do not give yourself to come up with slogans that would be more consistent with the expectations of the inhabitants of their territory.

Deputy Secretary of General Council of United Russia Yevgeny Revenko considers “weird” is the very formulation of the question that Day will not be slogans associated with the government and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “In my memory never happened”, – he said in comments. He recalled that the demonstration organized by trade unions, and the party joins her. “The slogans were chosen on the basis of the actual problems that concern the Russians,” said Revenko.

As reported in the press service of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia, in regional branch of the party really sent the examples of slogans that are recommended at the may day demonstrations. “This is done annually for many years. It’s absolutely normal, when the Central Executive Committee descends to the regions approximate points for use in holiday”, — noted in press service. It noted that the region “will still make some own specifics in preparation for a may day demonstration”.

Commenting on the omission of the government in the proposed slogans, in the press-service said: “What are considered current slogans, and are offered”.

The slogans of the marches and demonstrations offers not only the “United Russia”. So, the Communist party in 2014, offered their pleas, among which was “Peace! Work! May!”, “Our goal is socialism”, “NATO — no!”. The liberal democratic party in the 2015 proposed slogans such as “For peaceful labor!”, “Spring, Russia, LDPR”.