For the first time Russia will start deliveries of meat to Japan

Russian manufacturers for the first time, shipments of beef and poultry meat to Japan, exports could begin in the second half of 2017. This was told by Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture Evgeny Gromyko during the meeting first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov with the Japanese delegation, the correspondent .

“We had no supplies to Japan ever, we do this for the first time. We also hope to expand Japanese exports of the same beef, specialised beef beer for restaurants and other agricultural products”, — said the Deputy head of the Ministry of agriculture.

He recalled that in March Russia on came the experts of the phytosanitary and veterinary service of Japan. “Practically, we have already received confirmation of two companies that can supply beef, is “Ratimir” from Vladivostok and the company “Miratorg” — said the official. According to him, these same companies certified to supply poultry meat to Japan. The issuing of veterinary certificates, the Ministry of agriculture expects “literally, from day to day.”

As told in the press service of the Rosselkhoznadzor, we are talking about the supply of heat-treated meat products of cloven-hoofed animals and poultry. The authority previously reported on the inspections of Russian and Japanese companies to assess the possibilities of export of meat products.

In the future, Russia can supply to Japan of pork, but until these plans to prevent the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), said Gromyko. The Ministry of agriculture also hopes to increase grain exports to Japan. For this country the infrastructure “in the trade of grain products, feed ingredients for trade with third countries,” said the official. “We look forward to working with trading houses in Japan,” he said, Recalling that in 2016 Russia increased its supplies of corn and wheat to Japan. Roughly on June 21-22 planned Russian-Japanese meeting for discussion of agricultural issues, concluded the Deputy Minister.

According to the FCS, in 2016 Russia has increased in Japan food exports by 19%, to $330 million, compared with $277,2 million a year earlier. Thus, this Eastern neighbour occupies the 11th place among the countries-consumers of Russian food.

The largest buyers of Russian food in 2016, according Russian export centre were China (10.1 percent), Turkey (9,2%), Egypt (7.9 per cent), the Republic of Korea (7.8%), and Kazakhstan (7.1 percent), mentioned earlier. They were among the five largest importers in 2015, but then the leader was Turkey.