From populism to pragmatism: what’s in 100 days changed to Donald trump

From populism to pragmatism: what’s in 100 days changed to Donald trump

April 29 will mark the 100 days since the inauguration of Donald trump. During this period the 45th President of the United States signed 30 Executive decrees and introduced the 28 laws (his predecessor Barack Obama signed 19 Executive orders and approved 11 laws in the first 100 days), the White house said. Trump has made 68 calls 38 leaders from different countries and spent 16 bilateral meetings.

One of the first was the decree of the U.S. withdrawal from the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership (TPP), perhaps the main project of Barack Obama. In late January, trump has signed the decree about restriction of entry to the United States of migrants from the Middle East, which sparked a wave of protests in the United States. The American media called the initiative unconstitutional. In early February, the U.S. court of Appeals temporarily blocked the order of the trump. The President’s administration was forced to rewrite the law in March to make a new version, with the deletion of the list of Iran. However, the execution of this law was blocked by the courts. Because of the resistance of Congress Trump also failed to repeal Obamacare Obamacare undertaken by his predecessor, although during the election campaign, trump has repeatedly promised to do so.

The ambitious project of construction of a wall on the border of USA and Mexico is also not yet launched in Mexico for the construction of the wall refused to pay, the US administration has not yet submitted a project, no financial justification for construction.

As trump fulfill election promises

The US withdrawal from the TRANS-Pacific partnership


The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline


To protect the American market
On 18 April signed a decree “Buy American, hire Americans”


The renegotiation of NAFTA
Ordinances to revise the agreement, not signed

Not fulfilled

Health care reform / repeal Obamacare
24 March from Congress revoked the bill to replace Obamacare, signed on inauguration day

In the process

The tightening of immigration legislation
January 27 signed a decree on “extreme selection” of immigrants, according to which the country restricted the entry of migrants, stopped the program of reception of refugees. March 15, a Federal judge in Hawaii blocked the decree. March 30, the court extended the ban indefinitely.

In the process

The fight against illegal immigration
On 25 January signed a decree on strengthening border patrol and increased deportations. In February a series of deportations of illegal immigrants across the country.


The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico
On 25 January signed a decree on the construction of the boundary wall. Announced a project competition


The exit from the Paris climate agreement
Trump has decided not to withdraw from the agreement under the influence of his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

Not fulfilled

The introduction of China in the list of currency manipulators
USA refused to declare China and other trading partners foreign exchange manipulators

Not fulfilled

Tax reform


100 days trump has lost one of the closest associates on the campaign and weakened the powers of the other. Michael Flynn resigned from the post of adviser to the President on national security, after it became known that he was misinformed, Vice-President Michael Pence about his conversations with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak. The President also withdrew from the national security Council of his chief strategist Steven Bannon, who is American media called a chauvinist. Now trump surround, writes Bloomberg columnist Eli lake, “the globalists, against which trump spoke during the election campaign,” including Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster, who replaced Flynn.

The pride of the President

On 25 April the White house published a report on the results of the activities of Donald trump in the first 100 days. The President “has taken ambitious steps” to restore the well-being of America, to increase her safety and to hold the government to account, the site says. The white house called the action “historic.” “The President keeps his promises to the American people,” says the White house.

In particular, trump promised to increase the military budget by $54 billion and had reduced illegal immigration through the southern border of the United States by 61% from January 2017, has created 533 new jobs, lowered unemployment to 4.5%, according to the website.

His predecessor, Barack Obama is also proud of the fact that he left office with the lowest unemployment rate (4.7 percent) and Trump left a good legacy.

Chaos in foreign policy

Trump’s inconsistency is most apparent in the US foreign policy of recent months. During the election campaign, he was ready to improve relations with Russia and take a hard line against China, but was exactly the opposite. The US President was more friendly to Beijing: announced the release of TPP, which China perceived as anti-Chinese project. Trump also weakened the criticism of the monetary policy of Beijing, has supported economic cooperation with China, and praised Tu for trying to resolve the nuclear issue of North Korea.

Relations with Russia, which trump had planned to normalize, has not changed; according to the President Vladimir Putin, they are even worse. “The level of trust at the working level, especially at the military level, has not improved, but rather degraded”, — Putin said in an interview on April 12, after the United States on 7 April attacked the air base, the Syrian air force Shirt.

The change of attitude to Russia has affected the publication of the report of U.S. intelligence about the hacker attacks on the servers of the Democratic party, the beginning of the investigation, congressional hearings and interparty anti-Russian consensus, said earlier the interviewed experts. From the beginning of 2017 in the U.S. Congress was recorded almost 20 bills that condemn Russia. Trump was forced to change its tone toward the Kremlin, from the complementary to the more critical. So Russian actions in Crimea, he called “capture”, and his predecessor Barack Obama condemned for being too “soft” approach to the Kremlin.

McMaster, who took on the post of national security Advisor in mid-April, urged Washington to be “tougher” with Moscow. In early March, it was reported that the next U.S. Ambassador to Russia will be John huntsman, the head of the Atlantic Council analytical center, known for its tough approach to Russia.

Campaign promises trump was largely populist, he is now under the pressure of circumstances becomes a pragmatist, analysts say. “The President, contrary to expectations, does not act against the established norms, writes Eli lake of Bloomberg. — Trump is subject to the courts, even though it makes fun of their decisions on Twitter. He changed his attitude to Russia.” “The election campaign he spent as a populist, but now he acts as a pragmatist,” says Ivan kurilla, Professor of American studies at the European University in St. Petersburg. Trump is neither a populist nor a pragmatist, he is just an ignorant, said Harlan Ullman, senior adviser at the Atlantic Council of the United States.

The possibility of impeachment

After winning the trump in the presidential election his opponents began to talk about a possible impeachment, on the grounds that the President shall appoint relatives to key positions in the administration (son-in-law Jared Kushner became a senior Advisor) and continues to receive income from its business in USA and abroad, contrary to the US Constitution. The Atlantic magazine counted for 39 of the cases of conflict of interest for the first 100 days of the presidency of the trump. He owns real estate and maintains business ties in America and around the world, including in Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, India, the Philippines, Turkey. All this creates the risk of impeachment trump, the newspaper writes.

It is too early to talk about impeachment trump, as 100 days is too short a period to draw conclusions, says Harlan Ullman. The US government is now running very efficiently, and if by the autumn the situation does not change, the position of the trump in the Republican party and the Congress will further weaken, and who knows how it ends, he warns. “This can lead to the fact that the Republicans will be interested to trump or change its behavior, either left [President],” said Ullman.

The rating of the President trump and his predecessors in the first 95 days in the White house *

* At the time of publication of the material data available for 95 days

“Only a formal reason [for impeachment] in the case of a breach of any of the provisions of the law will be enough,” — said in an interview, Professor of American studies, St. Petersburg state University Ivan Flowers. Chances of resignation trump continue, but don’t look as high as it was immediately after his inauguration. The problem is that the prospect of impeachment will deal a severe blow to the Republican party, will greatly reduce her chances of winning in congressional elections and, most importantly, will lead to an acute political crisis, said Flowers.

Impeachment trump is an unlikely scenario, according to kurilla: “For this we need to have evidence of violations trump the laws of the United States and that part of the Republican party turned against him. Do not see a future neither one nor the other. But the threat of impeachment will continuously sound with the Democrats rhetorically with the aim to limit the ability of trump and force him to defend rather than attack”. According to the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev, the speculation of impeachment trump, because he is a non-systemic politician. Any attempt to start this process would be purely political in nature, the Senator said.

The appointment of relatives to high positions the basis for impeachment can’t be, says Ivan kurilla: President John F. Kennedy appointed his brother Robert attorney General, and bill Clinton during his first presidential term, has instructed his wife Hillary, the training of health care reform.

With the participation of Galina Kazakunova, Philip Aleksenko, Alexei Mitrakova, Alexey Gavrilko-Alekseeva, Yulia Sapronova