In the Scenarios reported increased combat readiness of air defense after the launch, the DPRK

Air defense of the Russian far East is given in a state of high alert. This was stated by Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on defense and security Viktor Ozerov in conversation with “RIA Novosti”.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the Russian military control of all the airspace in the zone of responsibility of the armed forces.

“Russia is very closely following what is happening in North Korea. Russian air defense in the far East is in a state of high alert. We control the airspace in the area of responsibility of the air forces of the Russian Federation”, — said the Senator.

He also stressed that Russia is not a target for missile launches in Pyongyang. At the same time, he points out, the next launch of ballistic missiles increases the risk of military conflict in the region “given the deployment of US ships in the sea of Japan”.

“But, on the other hand, technology is technology, and our military are doing everything they can, in the event of an extraordinary situation to prevent accidental falling of missiles on the territory of Russia”, — said Ozerov.

The armed forces of North Korea had launched a ballistic missile on the night of Saturday, April 29. According to the South Korean military, which announced a new test in a neighbouring country, the start failed. The type of missile and its flight path is not yet defined. It is known that she was directed to the North-East of the area, Pucchan in Japan. American and Japanese military indicate that the missile exploded shortly after launch and fell on the territory of the DPRK.